PrisonSecure™ for Safe and Secure Prison Management

PrisonSecure™ for Safe and Secure Prison Management

Effectively manage prisoner identities with this flexible and comprehensive jail and prisoner management system

PrisonSecure™ for Safe and Secure Prison Management

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Jail & Prisoner Management System – PrisonSecure™

Jails and prisons play a significant role in any country’s ability to establish a safe and secure environment for their citizens. The most common use of prisons is as part of an organized Governmental Justice System in which individuals officially charged with or convicted of crimes are confined to a jail or prison until they are either taken to trial to decide their guilt, or complete the period of incarceration they were sentenced to after being found guilty at their trial. Just as jails are an important part of a country, managing the prisoners inside the Jails are also becoming important.

Our Prison-Secure™ jail and prisoner management system provides a modern solution by which the Jail Authority, Public Safety Departments, and Governments can safely and securely manage prisoner identities. PrisonSecure™ is the only solution which can predict prisoner identities individually by Machine Learning Technology/Artificial Intelligence (AI) based on detailed analytical calculations.

Prisoner Management System

Prison-Secure™ System

The solution was designed and built under the FBI, NIST, ANSI & ISO standard format and offers the flexibility of choosing from a number of different biometric Identification modalities including; fingerprint, finger vein, palm vein, iris, and facial recognition to accurately identify each individual at different stages.

Built-in Modules:

  • Demographic Data Capture
  • Biometric Capture
  • Reporting
  • Intake and Booking
  • Case Manager
  • Scheduling
  • Work Flows Control
  • Visitor Management
  • Medical Facilities Management

System Features & Benefits

  • Complete profiling option with demographic details
  • Multi-modal biometric capture facility during listing
  • Instant access to information about offender population and facility use
  • Detailed inmate physical description with multiple image tracking and automated line-up generation
  • Tracking and reports for courts and dockets, incarceration history, time-served with multiple start/stop dates, transportation, release dates, disciplinary, medical, parole and much more
  • Completely customizable fields, templates, and reports as per requirements
  • Central monitoring facilities including the installation of the system in Web, VPN or WAN networks
  • Priority listing
  • Helps reduce paperwork
  • Includes module for building your own classifications
  • Security processes for individuals and groups
  • In-depth functions that provide a high standard for jail operations
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