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AI Powered Employee Monitoring Software

Software To Ensure That Employees Are Truly Working From Home

Optimize your remote team’s workflow and engagement with overall activity monitoring, accurate time tracking, screenshot recording, web and app usage analysis to improve productivity, business, and overall operation.


Remote Workforce Management
& Analytics Software

The CloudDesk® remote workforce management software provides real-time visibility into distributed workforce activities to increase productivity, improve compliance, and optimize performance.

  • Time Tracking Time Tracking
  • Screenshots Screenshots
  • Track Website & Apps Track Website & Apps
  • Employee Face ID Employee Face ID

Why CloudDesk® Is Best For Your Business?

Improve productivity and employee satisfaction by offering more flexibility with CloudDesk® employee monitoring software!

cloudDesk-Work from anywhere

Work from anywhere

Empower your employees to work from any location by monitoring time and attendance, breaks, and how much time they actually spent working.


Know who’s working on what

Know what employees are doing, their web and app usage and where they spend their time. CloudDesk® provides crucial data to understand their work patterns.


Offer flexible work hours

Being tied to a desk for 8 hours/day is an outdated concept. Modernize your business by enabling employees to work around their personal lives, not the other way around.

Establish two-way trust

Stop violating your employee privacy by spying on them, start optimizing their usage by fostering a culture of mutual trust with CloudDesk.


With CloudDesk®, there's no reason to doubt a team member and corporate politics can never impact a great team member's performance review.


Employees also have peace-of-mind knowing that their hard work and extra efforts are being documented.

Features Of Our Employee Monitoring Software

Features of CloudDesk®

  • clouddesk-remote-employee-activity-monitoring

    Remote Employee Activity Monitoring

    Monitor all remote employee activity real time. Prevent misconduct while increasing productivity and ROI.

  • clouddesk-employee-time-tracking

    Employee Time Tracking

    Enable employees to check-in/check-out and enroll their Face ID for attendance confirmation throughout the work day.

  • clouddesk-employee-engagement-checking-system

    Employee Engagement Checking

    Periodically prompt employees to confirm their engagement throughout the working day.

How Does Our Remote Workforce Management Software Work?

Who Can Use CloudDesk® Employee Monitoring Software?

Banks &
Financial Institutions

Track valuable analytics such as workforce productivity level, work hours, and detect performance degradation with the CloudDesk® employee monitoring software for banks and financial institutions. It lets you observe employee work patterns and take corrective actions to maximize productivity.

Customer Service &
Call Center

CloudDesk® employee monitoring software for call center and customer service desks offers valuable analytics on agent productivity level, punctuality, and their behavioral traits. Our dashboard allows you to analyze your agents' work patterns and take corrective actions without hours of micro-monitoring.

Small Businesses

CloudDesk® employee monitoring software is an affordable solution for small and medium businesses with monthly or annual subscription rates that businesses of any size will find manageable. The powerful features help identify employee productivity levels and scopes for growth opportunities.

BPO & Data
Entry Services

CloudDesk® provides a tailor-made solution that offers customizable features to address the BPO & Data Entry industry’s contemporary business needs. Empowering you with crucial workforce data and analytics so that your organization can achieve maximum productivity and efficiency.

IT & Software
Development Companies

The processes and productivity of individuals working in the IT sector can be difficult to monitor and optimize, we created a complete employee monitoring software solution to help you do just that. Establish accountability and collect vital information that you need to measure your team’s productivity.


CloudDesk provides a tailor-made customizable solution to address the Insurance industry’s contemporary employee productivity monitoring needs. Our software identifies the root cause of low/high productivity levels by understanding the overall PC activities of your team and helps them to be more productive.

Can’t Find Your Industry?

We can build you a personalized employee monitoring app for your industry
or business in matter of hours, feel free to contact us as if you need more details.

Why Choose CloudDesk® For Your Remote Workforce Management?

Affordable Pricing

Pricing starts at only $5/user/month! The CloudDesk® subscription also provides access to additional business productivity apps that are offered through the CloudApper platform.

Create a Trusted Environment

CloudDesk® employee monitoring software creates a trusted remote working environment where employers have more confidence in employee participation while working remotely.

Increase Business ROI

Keeping remote employees focused protects your business from unwanted loss. As a result, operations and goals can stay on track even during times of heightened concern.


Convinced? Let’s Get Started

Convinced? Let’s Get Started


Why Waste Your Time And Money?

Choose plan that works best for you, feel free to contact us if you need more details.

Why Waste Your Time And Money?

Choose plan that works best for you, feel free to contact us if you need more details.

CloudDesk® FAQ

What is CloudDesk?

CloudDesk is an employee monitoring software for effective workflow management. It comes with time tracking, attendance tracking, activity level tracking, screenshots, engagement checking, web and app usage and automated reporting.

How does the application work?

To start tracking your employee work activities with the CloudDesk app, you need to create an account and add your employees to the system. Your employees can then start using the desktop application on their computer device while working. You and other admin members can see the complete overview of employee work activities in the Dashboard for further analysis.

Along with monitoring and time tracking, there is an option to enable the screenshot function, which gives more detail about the activity level on each computer. The application also conducts Face ID verification to capture and recognize an employee’s face while they work. The feature ensures the employee’s identity matches the one it is supposed to be.

To improve productivity, you can analyze individual employees’ web and app usage and check their work history.

In the ‘Report’ section, you can find a more detailed view of the data collected by CloudDesk. You can also view customer data for specific time periods, compare employees and teams, see their productivity levels and export reports to Excel files for precise evaluation.

Lastly, CloudDesk will automatically detect inactive sessions and go idle after 5 minutes. This frequency can also be adjusted in the settings section. Once an employee returns to work, he will need to conduct facial verification to go online again.

How do I invite employees or team members into CloudDesk?

To invite employees or team members, simply navigate to Employee>Add Employee, then enter their email address and basic information. You can add multiple members and set their roles. For a detailed guide, click here.

You can also send this Getting Started With CloudDesk for Employees to new users on your team.

What is the ‘Work Insights’ section?

Business administrators can see the statistics for individual employees or the entire team they manage. However, CloudDesk also offers employees to have access to their personal reports.

In the Work Insights section, you can choose to see your employee’s report for any day, week or month. You can apply filters to choose the time period or web usage you wish to compare. You can use this information to see the trends in employee productivity or work habits.

How is time tracked and calculated in CloudDesk?

CloudDesk employee monitoring software makes tracking time easy. CloudDesk starts to track the time when your employees press the ‘Start Working’ button until they press ‘Stop Working.’ The software quietly runs in the background during the work session and captures each employee’s complete working hours, active/idle time, break time and meeting time. From this information, CloudDesk calculates total productive hours, which you can use as a benchmark metric to evaluate how active your employees are during their working hours.

How does CloudDesk Idle Time work?

The Idle Time tracking is another important feature provided by CloudDesk. This feature lets employers track time with precision.

While it is easy to start/stop/pause (break time) with the CloudDesk App during work sessions, sometimes, employees might forget to stop or pause the timer. This is why CloudDesk has included features that automatically stop tracking time when there is no activity for five minutes or more. The inactive time is automatically deducted from the timesheet and stored as idle time. The tracker continues to track idle time unless employees start working again.

How do auto screenshots work?

The Screenshots feature enables CloudDesk to capture employee computer screens at random time intervals. You can enable the screenshot feature for the whole team or specific users and set the frequency of screenshots captured per hour. That way, business owners can view their member’s activities throughout the day and get a greater overview of how employees spend their time at work.

Can I capture passwords with CloudDesk?

No, CloudDesk does not have a keylogger feature. We want things to run smoothly and ethically for both parties, so CloudDesk intentionally doesn’t record or monitor keystrokes. This allows us to stay on the top lists of all popular monitoring software.

You can view the activity log to see the screenshots of internet usage to get a clear view of what employees are doing.

How does CloudDesk help employees stay productive?

Employees can see how CloudDesk employee monitoring software tracks time activities and gives administrators valuable knowledge about employee strengths, weaknesses and underutilized time. You will be amazed to see how productive, accountable and self-directed they become after seeing the accountability features CloudDesk provides.

Does CloudDesk work offline?

Yes, CloudDesk can work offline!

All work data and screenshots are continually saved locally and synchronized to the CloudDesk server when a connection is restored. Once synchronized and processed, data becomes available in the application.

Is there any option to record employees’ screens?

CloudDesk can take multiple screenshots per minute, but we do not record employee computer displays while they are working. CloudDesk is an employee-friendly monitoring software with no hidden or spy-like features. At CloudDesk, we highly respect employee privacy and don’t do anything that can violate their privacy. Screenshots are captured to keep a record of employee work activities, which function as proof of work.

Is there any option to record voice or video?

CloudDesk is a productivity software and not a counterspy tool. So, we do not have any option to record voice or video, and we never will. CloudDesk practices a 100% ethical way of the employee monitoring process and believes in transparency in monitoring.

How does CloudDesk track employee location?

CloudDesk has a built-in GPS feature that allows business owners to track the location of their employees. While other features of employee monitoring software help you track employee working hours, you also need a GPS tracking feature to ensure your remote workers are working from a steady location.

Can CloudDesk track IP addresses?

No. CloudDesk does not track employee IP addresses on any computer device, as it is not necessary for the app’s intended use.

Can I hide CloudDesk from my employees?

No, you cannot hide CloudDesk for your employees. There is no way to monitor your employee’s work activity unless they turn on the app on their computer device.

Does CloudDesk offer mobile apps?

Yes, CloudDesk offers a fully featured mobile app to make your monitoring process smoother and simpler. You can use your smartphone to enable the CloudDesk mobile app to watch employees’ work updates and progress. Our Mobile app empowers business owners to track employees regardless of their own location.

Is there any free subscription for CloudDesk?

Yes, anyone can subscribe to CloudDesk for free with limited tracking features. See our pricing details for more details.

How to cancel subscriptions?

Canceling your CloudDesk® subscription is an easy process. You can do it at any time without any hassle. Contact our support team and request for your subscription to be canceled.

Is it legal to use employee monitoring software like CloudDesk?

Yes, CloudDesk is a 100% legal employee monitoring software. The software does not violate any privacy guidelines and regulations, if used correctly. CloudDesk does not track any activity in hidden mode or track anything unethical or unlawful. Protecting your data is one of your top priorities. Employee monitoring laws differ from country to country. A good rule of thumb is to make sure your employees know why and how you track their work activities. We highly recommend that businesses have employees review monitoring policies and sign a written consent form before monitoring.

Please note: This is not legal advice. We recommend you consult with your legal counsel regarding monitoring your business and its employees.

How to get more information about CloudDesk?

Please click the Contact Us button at the bottom of the page and submit your query. Our support team will reach out to you within 24 to 48 hours.

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