The Benefits of Measuring Employee Time and Attendance with a Biometric Time Clock

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A biometric time clock is the most efficient workforce management tool for a number of reasons
Biometric Time Clocks are a more accurate way to measure employee time and attendance. Source: Pixabay

The days are gone when managers kept manual journals of employee time and attendance to calculate hours worked. These antiquated ways of measuring employee time and attendance do not have the ability to efficiently prevent buddy punching or time theft. Therefore, more companies are looking for a better solution to measure employee working hours and discovering that a biometric time clock offers a more secure alternative to manual timesheets.

A biometric time and attendance system is the automated method of recognizing an employee based on a physiological or behavioral characteristic. The most common biometric features used for employee identification are faces, fingerprints, finger veins, palm veins, irises, and voice patterns. When an employee attempts identification by their biological traits, a biometric hardware device compares the new scan to all available templates in order to find an exact match.

Biometric time clocks capture and match unique human biological traits to detect a person. Modern time and attendance system using biometrics for identification can be beneficial in a number of ways:

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  • Prevent Buddy Punching: Buddy punching is an illegal act which causes millions of dollars in financial losses for companies each year. The practice of punching another employee in or out when they are not present can be easily prevented with biometric time clocks.
  • Eliminate Time theft: If every employee of your company wasted 20 minutes per day, it would cost you a large amount of work hours lost per year. However, you would not be able to calculate this metric and its impact on your bottom line if you monitor everything using antiquated methods of managing employees such as paper timesheets. Eliminate this problem forever by using a biometric time clock system.
  • Raise Profits: The use of biometrics for time and attendance will allow you to attain the highest levels of employee productivity. At the end of the day, biometric employee identification could prove to be the difference and make your project successful. So, instead of losing money you will actually take it to the bank!
  • Remote Job Monitoring: You can monitor employees who are working in remote places. The use of biometrics for employee time and attendance can also be facilitated by integration with internet or mobile devices.
  • Productivity Increases: Your old-fashioned time and attendance system would not allow accurate productivity tracking. Biometrics allows you to remove office time theft and decrease staffing overhead thereby raising employee productivity rates.
  • Accuracy: You may already know that biometric physiological attributes are unique for every employee and cannot be forged or duplicated. Therefore, you can accurately track employee time and attendance without a shadow of a doubt.
  • Job Satisfaction: When employees work extra hours but never receive extra privileges, this can damage employee morale. You can easily identify employees who deserve recognition by using biometric time clock data for accurate attendance data and reward them accordingly.

Biometric time clocks are a relief to any human resource management department. They accurately track employee time and attendance which allows you to maximize employee productivity, lower labor costs, and raise profits. Employees also benefit by increasing their accountability and productivity. Considering the benefits and cost savings that a biometric time clock offers, now the best time to research the use of biometrics to more accurately measure employee time and attendance.

The post was written by Mehedi Hasan, Executive (SEO/ SEM/ PPC) Business Development & Interactive Marketing at M2SYS Technology.

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One thought on “The Benefits of Measuring Employee Time and Attendance with a Biometric Time Clock

  • January 11, 2023 at 7:13 am

    This is an excellent article on the benefits of using a biometric time clock for employee time and attendance. The use of biometrics for employee identification is a great way to eliminate time theft and buddy punching, which can result in significant financial losses for companies. It’s also impressive how it can increase employee productivity and job satisfaction. Another huge plus is the ability to monitor remote employees and the accuracy of biometric time clock data. Overall, this is an informative and well-written piece, and I can see why this technology is becoming increasingly popular among businesses of all sizes.


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