How to Know if Remote Employees are Working

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Trusting remote employees is important yet, businesses to ensure that remote employees are properly engaged in tasks. It can be difficult to gauge remote employees’ activity without having any reliable information or data but thanks to technology, there are some ways to ensure employees’ are engaging with their jobs.

It’s not important or efficient to follow an employee’ severy move, as that would hamper their performance and consume your time. Instead, follow the tips below to help ensure employees are working without breaking any privacy barriers:


Set measurable goals

Rather than asking employees to set their own goals, you need to be involved in the goal-setting process. This will help employees to maintain their productivity each day so that both short and long-term goals are met. It will help to see if an employee is able to complete individual tasks that are assigned to them. This is an effective tool to utilize and monitor remote employees.

Track productivity

Tracking remote workers’ productivity helps to ensure that they are on track to complete tasks. This is just as important as setting short and long-term goals. You need to know if an employee’s productivity has consistency or fluctuates. It shows if an employee is attentive to their work duties every day or push themselves at the time of a special task.  

Schedule check-ins

Check-ins work like a mini-meeting that provides you with a birds-eye view of what workers are doing at a certain time. Check-ins provide the opportunity to answer employees’ questions and move a project forward.



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Speak with other employees

It is quite normal that not every employee could carry the level of performance you want. You can schedule a meeting for that with workers, and give them a first-hand acknowledgment about reaching the deadline. You can also ask questions to understand how everyone is performing together as a team and if there’s an issue that may cause friction to the teamwork. This way you can also estimate that everyone is working from their locations without invading their privacy.

Try remote employee monitoring software

A great tool to monitor employee activity is remote employee monitoring software. It’s important to know how much employees are engaged in their work, and how much time they waste doing unrelated things. With remote employee monitoring software, you can get a clear idea of those. This should provide you enough information to detect unproductive employees and you can ask them to give proper attention to their job. Even if you find the majority of the workforce as unproductive, then you can sit with them and discuss steps to be taken for increasing their performance level.

It’s a good way to help employees get concerned about their productivity. As the employees will know that their activities are briefly monitored, they will try their best to increase the productivity level. It will turn them into active workers even though they will be working in remote locations.

Remote work is going to stay in the workplace, so you need to prepare your employees very well for it. While working remotely, employees will be bothered by many distractions- they may even leave their work for other purposes. Using CloudDesk remote employee monitoring software, you can help them to be attentive to the work and help them increase their productivity. It’s an affordable and effective tool that verifies remote employees’ presence to the work and provides robust information on their time management for tasks. It’s a great tool to monitor employee activities and to evaluate employee performance. So if you are in the need of a proper remote employee monitoring software, then contact us and let us demonstrate how we can help to make your remote employees more productive.

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