Streamline Kronos Workforce Management System with RightPunch

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Looking to gain a competitive advantage using your Kronos workforce management system? RightPunch biometric time clock is an integrated app that provides accurate identification and exact time log using the biometrics of workers. It streamlines the Kronos workforce management system to improve the productivity and efficiency of the bottom-line.

How does RightPunch Streamline Kronos Workforce Management System

RightPunch is the most affordable biometric time clock for Kronos. The PC and smartphone-based app facilitates all Kronos workforce management suites and assures the optimum level of efficiency. No matter whether your workers are paid on an hourly basis, or salaried, RightPunch automates time and attendance tracking for both. It helps to improve workforce productivity by eliminating time theft, buddy punching, and manual administrative works. The following are the ways RightPunch streamlines the Kronos workforce management system:

1. Accurate Time & Attendance

RightPunch provides accurate time and attendance data for all workers. As this data is collected using the biometrics of workers, no one can cheat the system. It prevents time theft and buddy punching that results negatively for the overhead cost of the company.

2. Control over the Labor Cost

Biometric technology helps to set user-defined pay rules that help to understand the actual labor costs. It doesn’t only ensure accurate labor-costing but also strengthens audit trails, and reduces off-cycle paychecks.

3. Reduced Compliance Risk

A biometric-enabled timecard management system simplifies compliance according to the regulatory guidelines like FLSA, FMLA, and ACA. Also, it reduces compliance risk and increases payroll accuracy.

4. Improved Workforce Productivity

An increased level of accountability and proven audit trail drives workers to do whatever they are supposed to do. The biometric time clock improves the time-consuming, manual administrative work and helps to make decisions considering real-time data that improves productivity.

5. Engaged Employees

The responsive and optimized web or mobile application allows users the flexibility to capture actual data from anywhere. A quick time stamp page allows automatic synchronization with RightPunch that engages employees by using a one-click action to clock their time.

If you are a Kronos user and have yet to integrate a time clock, you should check RightPunch. It’s an affordable biometric time clock that allows you to create multiple touchpoints and streamline Kronos workforce management without any hassles. You can fill out the below contact form to learn more about RightPunch.

Infographic: Streamline Kronos Workforce Management System with RightPunch

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