RightPunch – An Affordable Kronos Timekeeping System

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RightPunch is an affordable Kronos timekeeping system that allows time entries to be entered using the biometrics of the employees through a web interface and/or smartphone, which has replaced the traditional time clocking process. It provides different versions for the users who do not have any time clock but using different Kronos products, like workforce dimensions (WFD), workforce ready (WFR), or workforce central (WFC).

Why is RightPunch an Affordable Kronos Timekeeping System?

Traditional time clocking system has so many loopholes like employee time theft, buddy punching, etc. To overcome these issues, implementing a biometric time clock is the best solution. RightPunch helps Kronos users facilitating multiple biometric touch points using InTouch time clock or directly with Kronos solutions.

RightPunch allows WFD and WFR users to create multiple touchpoints using the web or mobile app. SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) based pricing model enables any sized organization to avail the service. For WFC users, RightPunch also provides an on-premises biometric matching system that also works in an offline environment.

In both cases, the implementation process is straightforward. You do not need to maintain any development team for developing the biometric matching system nor any specialized IT infrastructure for WFD and WFR. Whenever you are subscribed with the RightPunch, just install the app, connect the biometric capture device, log in with credentials to sync with Kronos quick timestamp, enroll the biometrics of the employees, and start using.

All you need is to get the app, a PC or smartphone, and a biometric capture device. You do not need to think about the huge investment to implement a biometric timekeeping system for Kronos using RightPunch. That is why Kronos users prefer RightPunch.



Affordable Biometric Time Clock

Key Features:

· Eliminate time theft | Reduce payroll expenses

· Increase accountability and boost productivity

· More affordable than time clocks

· Prevent buddy punching | Lower compliance risk

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Benefits of RightPunch

  • No expensive yearly maintenance contract
  • Seamless integration with Kronos
  • Works with biometrics and employee ID entry
  • Includes offline punch capture, local schedule enforcement, and employee self-service (ESS) capabilities
  • Supports fingerprint, finger vein, iris & face recognition
  • The available software versions for windows, android, and iOS

Success Story

Forever 21; having more than 700 outlets in 48 countries, was unable to identify employee time theft in their retail store. They were looking for a solution that could accurately track employee time attendance and can prevent time theft, buddy punching, and ghost employee problem from their retail stores. They deployed RightPunch and successfully eliminate the time theft, buddy punching, and ghost employee problem.


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