Infographic: Managing Remote Workers Toolkit For Success

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Adapting to working remotely from an out of office setting is not as simple as falling on your couch with your laptop. Here are the tools you need (remote workers toolkit) for remote work success in any scenario in our latest infographic:


Tool for Getting Feedback: Google Doc

When to use it: You’ve written a brilliant manifesto and are ready for comments from the team. 


  • Comment back and forth with as many people as needed. See all changes in “Revision history.”
  • Communicate asynchronously for flexible schedules (and timezones!)

Tool for Organizing your Digital Workspace: OneTab

When to use it: You have 50 browser tabs open and you can never find the one you need. 


  • Converts all your tabs into a single list to easily find later. Dramatically reduces CPU memory. 
  • Order the list priority with drag and drop.

Tool for Quick Communication: Slack

When to use it: You have a question or comment that isn’t urgent and merely requires a short answer. 


  • Slack’s chat “feed” is an ephemeral experience. 
  • Your teammates can answer whenever they get a chance to check it. 
  • It’s less disruptive than a video call and easier to surface than email. 

Tool For Receiving Appreciation: CloudDesk

When to use it: You’re willing to give extra effort for the company 


  • An employer can easily see all your activities
  • Gives you a sense of accountability that improves your productivity
  • The extra hours that you are spending to work are getting logged. 

Tool To Create Graphics & Animated Content for Social Media: Crello

When to use it: You need to create professional-like graphics and animated videos for social media or web.


  • Create images, videos, and animations for all major social platforms to suit your marketing needs.
  • Utilize 32000+ predeveloped graphics and animation templates for quick and professional output.

Tool for Deeper Discussion: Zoom

When to use it: You need to hash out a process, a problem, or a brainstorming session.


  • Face to face (even on video) is a better way to understand someone’s tone.
  • Complex ideas can be explained in a cleaner way.
  • Less time consuming than typing.

Tool To Connect All Apps Together: Trello

When to use it: Different teams are working on the same project in different apps.


  • Keeps communication in one place and removes complex email chains. 
  • Power-ups connect apps like Slack, GitHub, Google Drive, & Evernote together with Trello. 
  • Shows project progress without needing to bug other people. 

Tool For Team Bonding: CircleCare 

When to use it: You’re working with a distributed group of team members.


  • Share and engage with your colleagues in a private feed
  • Show appreciation to good works and vice versa                      
  • Learn and share health and diet tips 
  • Participate in fun contests

Tool For Visual Collaboration: inVision

When to use it: You need feedback on a design spec, screenshot, or new product flow. 


  • Comments can be written on the prototype itself. 
  • Multiple “views” can be uploaded to the same project.
  • It’s easy to add people in different locations to your “team”

Tool For Automating Processes: Zapier

When to use it: You find yourself doing a lot of “Digital Maintenance” of menial tasks. 


  • Manually updated securing tasks is not a good use of time.
  • Leaves you more time to concentrate on deep work. 
  • Estimate human error and plain old forgetfulness. 

When You Need to Step Away: Headspace

When to use it: You’re feeling overwhelmed.


  • Meditation improves concentration.
  • It’s important to step away, even if you work from home. 
  • Helps you to not associate your entire home as part of “your office.”

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