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Biometric Voting Registration for Fair and Credible Elections


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TrueVoter™ – Biometric Voter Registration System

Sovereign nations are increasingly turning to biometric voting systems to help support fair, credible elections absent of fraud and illegal practices to ensure the protection of democratic principles. Establishing election integrity is a cornerstone of modern democracy that promotes trust and honesty in elected governments and promotes confidence and faith in elected leaders.

The results of recent biometric voting exercises in countries such as Kenya and Ghana have taught us that governments expect fast, accurate, and reliable voter registration at the polls under any conditions that help to maintain the integrity and credibility of the electoral process and reduce mistrust and irregularities.


Governments seeking to implement a biometric voter registration project expect that the system will:

Voter Registration System Platform

TrueVoter™ Platform

  • Prevent duplicate registrations
  • Provide a simple and user-friendly interface for registering and identifying voters
  • Is easily scalable
  • Ensure quick and precise biometric voting identification
  • Provide a clear and easily accessible audit trail
  • Facilitate interoperability between government agencies for database consolidation and maintenance

Success Story

The Supreme Commission of Elections and Referendum (SCER) of Yemen chose the TrueVoter™ biometric voter registration solution. 15 million voters with 10 fingerprints, face images & demographic info were matched and successfully registered under this project for the election.

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The M2SYS TrueVoter Solution is split into 4 modules:
  1. Easy Capture – a highly configurable voter data capture solution for enrollment
  2. Voter Information Manager – the central application that manages all voter records
  3. ABIS matching – a fast matching search engine that delivers accurate and secure results
  4. ABIS de-duplication and adjudication – the fastest and most powerful de-duplication software in the world and powerful back end tool to help quickly and fairly resolve any election disputes
Recommended Exercise for Voting System

Recommended Exercise for Voting System


  • Complete voter registration software and back-end biometric identification system
  • Flat or rolled 10 finger fingerprint image capture
  • High quality dual iris capture
  • Signature Capture
  • Capture ICAO standard face image (digital photograph) through external HD web cam or built-in webcam or compatible digital camera or upload from local storage
  • Multi-modal biometric voting identification including fingerprint, finger vein, palm vein, iris, and facial recognition
  • Import data from capture application
  • Highly customizable software modules for both input and output settings
  • Information safety protection measures to protect citizen privacy including strong encryption, fault tolerant architecture, disk mirroring, automated database backups, and disaster recovery options
  • Scalable ABIS (Automated Biometric Identification System) to process voter de-duplication comparisons and quickly identify fraudulent applications
  • Seamless database segmentation to perform real-time, one to many (1:N) comparisons at state level during registration
  • Flexible architecture maximizes system performance and efficiency while reducing system stress and downtime
  • ID Card Generation (ISO/IEC 7810)
  • EBTS Compatible
  • High powered searching capability
  • Multitasking environment
  • Multi-lingual (Any Language)
  • Extensive database inquiries
  • Role based user management
  • Comprehensive reporting and data logs for thorough voter activity monitoring

Have a question in mind or need more info? Tell us about it and an account executive will respond shortly.

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