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Affordable RedPrairie Soft Clock RedPrairie Biometric Time Clock

Biometric Soft Clock for RedPrairie Time and Attendance!

RightPunch™ is a “soft” clock that seamlessly interfaces with the RedPrairie workforce management platform.

Employees can use RightPunch™ to capture a time stamp or access employee self-service features by entering a PIN, swiping a badge or scanning a biometric template. Our biometric engine supports fingerprint, finger vein, palm vein, and iris identification.

RightPunch™ gives RedPrairie clients the ability to have the benefits of a wall-mounted time clock at a fraction of the cost!

RightPunch™ for RedPrairie Benefits

  • More Affordable than Traditional Time Clocks
  • Boost Efficiency Up to 90%
  • Strengthen Compliance and Audit Procedures
  • Save at Least 2-4% of Gross Payroll
  • Streamline Clock-In Process
  • Save Time
  • Eliminate Buddy Punching
  • Support Multiple Languages
  • Experience 100% Read Rates with Hybrid Biometrics™
  • Works with Biometrics, RFID, PIN, or Keyboard Entry
  • Perform Offline Punch & Schedule Enforcement
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Looking to protect your vital assets and save money by securing your PC/network, managing passwords, and eliminating identity fraud?  Look no further than our business solutions.

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Our unique service and support model helps our customers to reach the full potential of their biometrics investment. The secret? The Human Aspect.

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Fingerprint SDK

Need to integrate fingerprint biometrics into your application?  Our core technology solutions enable you to integrate a complete system without the burden of a low level fingerprint SDK.

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