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Evolve with RightPunch™ – the affordable, flexible PC-based biometric time clock.

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Rightpunch Biometric Time Clock ROI Calculator

Return On Investment (ROI) – How much will you save by eliminating buddy punching?

* Assumes one M2-PalmVein™ reader per site without volume discounting

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Number of Operating Hours per Week per Employee
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Average Hourly Wage $
"Buddy Punching" Effect (Loss) % (The American Payroll Association (APA) estimates losses from buddy punching can equate to 2-5% of total payroll expenditures)
Total Number of Sites
Total Annual Payroll per Site $
Annual Impact (Loss) on Payroll per Site $
Annual Impact (Loss) on Total Payroll $
Cost Savings per Site (Year 1) w/M2SYS Solution $*
Total Cost Savings (Year 1)

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All the features of a wall-mounted time clock… from any Windows PC

  • Instantly interfaces with any third-party workforce management and/or POS software.
  • Custom versions already built for major labor tracking platforms like Kronos, ADP, Empower, and Qqest.
  • Includes offline punch capture, local schedule enforcement & employee self-service (ESS) capabilities.
  • Supports fingerprint, finger vein, palm vein, and iris recognition.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • 1:N matching – all that’s required is a biometric scan (no need for PIN or card).
  • Automated biometric template distribution to support “floating” employees.
  • Works with biometrics and/or employee ID entry.


Reduce payroll error rates & eliminate time theft. Increase efficiencies by 90%.

  • More affordable alternative to expensive time clocks.
  • Save at least 2-4% of your gross payroll.
  • Speed – employees only need to scan their biometric.
  • Increase productivity by eliminating “buddy punching”.
  • Reduce payroll inflation and payroll error rates.
  • More secure and efficient than ID cards or PINs.
  • Hybrid Biometrics™ support ensures that 100% of your employees can be reliably and consistently authenticated.
  • Ensure compliance with labor tracking laws.

How The Yarco Companies Use RightPunch™ for Kronos with Vascular Biometrics to Eliminate Time Theft

How the Cal Poly Pomona Foundation Uses RightPunch™ for Kronos to Save Money and Improve Efficiencies

Case Studies

Product: RightPunch™ for Kronos Workforce Timekeeper

Client: Yarco

Industry: Property Management

Use: Biometric Time Clock


  • Experiencing significant loss due to employee time theft.
  • Current labor tracking procedure is tedious, prone to fraud, and inefficient.
  • Employees such as maintenance workers may have difficulty with fingerprint recognition.


  • Deploy RightPunch™ for Workforce Timekeeper with Vascular Biometric Technology.


  • Eliminate time theft.
  • Reduce time card inaccuracies and optimize labor tracking processes.
  • Leverage vein recognition to achieve 100% read rates regardless of skin surface condition.
Optimal Security & Reliability on Finger Imaging and Liveness Detection

“Smart” Finger Reader

Next-Generation Fingerprint Reader Delivering Optimal Security & Reliability with Advanced Finger Imaging and Liveness Detection

High Speed Matching - industry’s fastest matching system

High Speed Matching

Lower your hardware burden with industry’s fastest matching system. – 100 million prints/sec in a single server.

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