M2SYS Infographics

M2SYS Infographics

Providing appealing data visualization graphics and statistics for the industries that utilize M2SYS biometric technology solutions

M2SYS Infographics

A major M2SYS goal is educating the marketplace about the value of biometric technology. Infographics provide key data visualization tools to help understand industry environments and illustrate conditions where biometric identification tools can help.

Healthcare Biometrics:

The Effect of Fraud, Theft and Inaccurate Patient Identification on Healthcare the effect of fraud theft and inaccurate patient identification on healthcare

We assembled key statistics and data on issues the healthcare industry faces and how it affects us as patients. Browse our healthcare infographics for a data visualization resource on important topics in the industry.
Learn about common issues and problems healthcare encounters that cause pressure and strain on a system currently moving swiftly towards the adoption and implementation of electronic medical records. What solutions can help to stop medical identity theft, duplicate medical records, and an inaccurate patient identification system?

The Cost of Duplicate Records and Overlays in Healthcare the cost of duplicate records and overlays in healthcare

This healthcare Infographic details the origins and costs of duplicate medical records and overlays plus provides a detailed look at the solutions in place to prevent their creation.

Workforce Management:

How Do Employees Steal Time

Our workforce management infographics resource page helps to visually understand some of the most pressing problems that employers face to maintain a productive workforce. Browse our library of infographics for insight into what issues are the most prominent and how employers face a daily struggle to achieve the often elusive 100% optimization.

How A Biometric Time Clock Improves Workforce Management

Employers all over the world are constantly seeking software solutions which can eliminate employee time theft to increase payroll savings, boost productivity, and create more accountability. Employee time theft costs U.S. companies alone billions of dollars each year simply because a proper workforce management system is not in place.

A biometric time clock is a viable solution to eliminate time theft and improve workforce management. The following Infographic demonstrates why biometric time clock deployments are increasing and what benefits employers can expect to see post implementation.

Biometric Modality Comparison:

Iris Recognition vs. Retinal Scanning: What are the differences? iris vs. retinal scanning – what are the differences between these two biometric modalities

A critical part of understanding biometric identification management technology is the ability to differentiate between hardware modalities and understand their capabilities and limitations. One of the most common misunderstandings in biometrics is the difference between iris recognition and retinal scanning, two separate modalities that have distinct characteristics which make them unique.

Government Solutions:

Infographic: Applications of AFIS

Governments around the world are adopting Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS) for border control, law enforcement, public safety, voter registration, healthcare and welfare distribution, and national ID cards. Compared to traditional non-biometric identification systems, AFIS platforms have proven to be much more accurate and secure.

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