Why choose RightPatient®?

You should choose RightPatient® for the following reasons:

  1. It gives you flexibility.  Because RightPatient® supports fingerprint, finger vein, palm vein, iris and face recognition, you are never locked into a single biometric modality or device.  This minimizes risk and ensures that you have invested in a platform without restrictions.
  2. It performs true de-duplication.  Other biometric patient authentication systems only perform one-to-few segmented identification, requiring you to enter a credential (e.g. DOB) before scanning.  This means that you can enroll the same biometric template multiple times under different credentials, rendering the system useless against preventing duplicates or eliminating fraud.  In contrast, RightPatient® searches the entire biometric database during patient enrollment. This means that once a patient is enrolled, you cannot create a duplicate record for that patient.
  3. It can store the biometric image.  Why is this important?  Let’s say a patient is authenticated at your hospital using a biometric system that doesn’t save an image.  The patient has hundreds of thousands of dollars in procedures and tests.  When the bill arrives, the patient claims identity fraud.  With no biometric audit trail (i.e. biometric image), how do you refute this claim?  When RightPatient® is used with a modality like iris biometrics, a copy of the eye images can be saved.  If anything like the above scenario happens, you have physical evidence that can be compared against the patient to refute his claim and prevent a huge loss.  RightPatient® provides you with a concrete audit trail of patient authentication activity.
  4. It can store biometric templates in an industry-standard format.  As this market continues to evolve, interoperability becomes vital.  When used with iris or fingerprint biometrics, RightPatient® can store the templates in a NIST-compliant format so the data can be easily shared, if needed.  Other biometric systems for patient ID cannot do this (i.e. the templates are proprietary to their system only).
  5. It supports a variety of biometric devices.  When the next best biometric device is invented, we can support it and offer it to you.  Other systems lock you into a single biometric device from a single manufacturer, forever.
  6. It works with children.  When used with iris biometrics, even children under the age of 5 can be enrolled and identified.  In addition, their iris pattern is fully formed by 10 months of age and never changes, so you can enroll them once and never have to re-enroll.
  7. M2SYS has 10 years of biometric technology experience.  Perhaps most importantly, M2SYS has been in the biometrics business for a decade, with over 100 million enrolled users in more than 90 countries.  Our platform is biometric technology agnostic; we are focused on providing the best and most practical solution for your needs.