Free Podcast: Medical Identity Theft – What patients, providers, and doctors need to know

Guest: James Quiggle, Coalition Against Insurance Fraud

Despite all of the technological advances and crack downs on medical identity theft in the U.S., it continues to be a pressing problem in the healthcare industry causing billions of dollars in damages and liability and endangering the lives of patients. Exactly how bad is the problem of medical identity theft, what are the consequences for patients, physicians, and providers, how should healthcare facilities handle data breaches, will the ACA drive up cases of medical identity theft, how can patients tell they have been victimized, and what steps can they take to address the problem are all topics covered in this podcast.

Learn all this and more in our podcast with James Quiggle from The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud. This comprehensive interview includes information and insight into:

  1. Defining medical identity theft
  2. What are the most serious consequences to patients?
  3. What are the effects of medical identity theft on doctors?
  4. Provider responsibility in the event of data breaches
  5. How will the ACA effect medical identity theft?
  6. Telltale signs of medical identity theft and how to address it
  7. And more!

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