Free Podcast: Healthcare IT Data Security – An Overview of Privacy, Compliance, and Technology Options

Guest: Mac McMillan, Chair, HIMSS Privacy & Security Task Force

Curious to know more about how to improve data security at your healthcare facility? Confused about the new HIPAA guidelines regulating personal health information (PHI)? Want to know which data security technologies are worth reviewing?

Learn all this and more in our podcast with Mac McMillan, Chair of the HIMSS Privacy & Security Task Force. This comprehensive interview includes information and insight into:

  1. HIPAA rule changes and it’s effect on you
  2. Difference between “access” and “possession” of PHI
  3. What does privacy mean?
  4. Viable technologies to protect patient data
  5. Biometrics for patient ID & their impact on patient privacy
  6. PHI application patient adoption trends

Download a copy of the podcast to the right.