• M2SYS Honored with Global Impact Award for Innovation

    The Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce recently honored M2SYS with a Global Impact Award for Innovation. Read more about the award by clicking on “Learn More.”

  • M2SYS named as one of the Top 10 most Innovative Companies in Georgia!

    The Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) named M2SYS Technology as one of the Top 10 “Most Innovative Companies” in the state!


  • Do you deploy your EHR over Citrix?

    If so, RightPatient® offers an innvoative solution for this that allows you to utilize a biometric device at the local PC and seamless interface with your EHR, even if it’s hosted centrally. Contact us for more details at sales@m2sys.com or 1-770-393-0986 x 1!

  • Novant Health Adopts RightPatient®

    “One of the reasons we selected RightPatient® was that it supports any type of biometrics and device. This is a platform that gives us flexibility as the technology continues to evolve.”

    Melanie Wilson
    Senior Director of Onsite Patient Access
    Novant Health System

  • In the News

    RightPatient® deployment media coverage.

    The RightPatient® biometric patient identification system was featured in this special WGHP Fox 8 news report!

  • Make the switch

    Hugh Chatham Memorial did.

    Learn why this North Carolina hospital migrated from their old biometric patient identification system to RightPatient®.

  • Legit connections

    Seamless interface with your EHR software.

    The RightPatient® healthcare biometrics system seamlessly interfaces with any EHR software so you can avoid keystroke error and maximize usability.

  • Data integrity

    Prevent duplicates across the entire HIE or IDN

    RightPatient® performs a true “one-to-many” biometric comparison to prevent the creation of duplicate medical records, eliminate identity fraud, and increase patient data integrity. Keep your data “clean.”

Next Generation Patient Identification To Maximize Medical Record Data Integrity and Increase Patient Safety

RightPatient® is the industry's most advanced patient identity management and data integrity solution to ensure 100% patient ID accuracy, strengthen patient safety, and increase patient data integrity.

Our unique healthcare biometrics system for patient identification seamlessly interfaces with any electronic health records (EHR) software and performs fast, real-time de-duplication to prevent duplicate medical records and eliminate patient fraud. RightPatient® uses biometric technology to ensure the right patient is identified, every time.

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