Easily create your own enterprise cloud application with this revolutionary modularized framework

M2SYS CloudApper™ Application Framework

CloudApper™ is a modularized cloud application framework that provides end users and strategic partners with unprecedented flexibility in deploying a customized cloud-based software solution. CloudApper™ enables you to quickly introduce tailored functionality and workflows within the core cloud software to match unique project requirements, removing all limits on what can be accomplished with your cloud solution. Modules built using CloudApper™ can operate independently or can seamlessly connect with other internal and external components. CloudApper™ also includes our biometric module, which supports various biometric hardware and connects to our CloudABIS™ cloud-based biometric matching system.

In addition to enabling the fast customization of our core enterprise cloud software, M2SYS has used CloudApper™ to build pre-configured cloud solutions that are tailored for specific vertical deployments:

Our core cloud application contains the following standard modules and features that can be extended and customized using the CloudApper™ framework. New modules can be customized and easily added to the core application.

Demographic Detail Capture Module:

Our core cloud software offers numerous fields to collect detailed demographic data, such as name, date of birth, and gender. Using CloudApper™, these fields can be easily customized or new fields can be introduced.

Biometric Capture Module:

In addition to demographic data, the CloudApper™ framework enables you to include a robust biometric identity management module. The multimodal system supports fingerprint, iris and face recognition. When linked to our scalable CloudABIS™, the system can achieve extremely fast biometric search speeds.

Document Capture Module from Camera (applicable for mobile):

Using this module, users can capture document images from the camera on any standard mobile device. The images can be automatically loaded into the cloud system and associated with the appropriate record.

File Upload/Attachment Module:

Users can scan and upload images directly into profile records. In addition, images can be added from local computer or mobile device.

Activity Log Management Module:

All system activity is logged and searchable within this module to establish a concrete audit trail. Some examples of logged information include:

  • Device ID
  • IP Address
  • Date
  • Time
  • Operator Name
  • Activity Type

Device Management Module:

Our core cloud platform and vertical solutions support various forms of biometrics and devices. This module enables users to automatically utilize licensed biometric engines and devices through a fast switching and selection component. Device drivers are automatically downloaded and activated upon selection.

User Management Module:

In addition to demographic information and associated document management, users can associate notes, activities and tailored transaction details to each subject record. Rules can be created to trigger data capture events and filters can be used to sort records by various parameters, including gender, date, age and location.

Dashboard Management Module:

The home dashboard displays a selection of application portlets with real-time data. Some example portlets include:

  • Enrollment Pattern by Time
  • Percentage of Male & Female Enrollee
  • Activity History by Category
  • Activity Pattern by Date
  • Flagged Users Total
  • Total Enrolled Individuals

Reporting Module:

The Reporting Module is the most extensive and detailed component of the core M2SYS cloud software. Users can customize fields according to project requirements and preference, and reports can be generated ad hoc or on a scheduled basis. Example reporting functions include:

  • Ad Hoc Reporting
  • Total List of Enrolled Persons
  • Total List of Male Enrollee
  • Total List of Female Enrollee
  • Total list of Activities on Specific Date/Location
  • Transaction Details
  • List of Operators
  • List of Activities by Operators or by Location
  • Anything you want to create as your own preference

Role Management Module:

Our core cloud software and CloudApper™ framework provides many standard roles with predefined permissions. Roles can also be customized and assigned to various user categories. Roles and their permissions determine the pages that users can see in the cloud application and the tasks that they can complete.

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