mCloud Mobile Identity Management

Mobile identity management smart device app for enterprise cloud application deployments


mCloud™ is a revolutionary mobile identity management smart device app for enterprise cloud application deployments. With seamless connectivity to any M2SYS cloud-based solution, mCloud™ provides a portable identity management extension for enterprises to increase the efficiency of their operations by allowing end users to perform any system function and data access from a smartphone or tablet.

mCloud™ allows end users to remotely host operations including biometric enrollments and verification/identification, facilitating limitless benefits and efficiencies, and reducing hardware, maintenance, and support costs. Traditionally, biometric enrollments for large-scale, geographically distributed identity management projects were strictly PC-based and had to be performed from pre-selected locations, requiring expensive, bulky and inefficient equipment. mCloud™ eliminates this outdated field data capture method by combining the power of centralized management with the flexibility of a mobile extension to any M2SYS cloud software that can be utilized with any Android or iOS device.

Eliminating the need for PC-based biometric platforms, mCloud™ is a key part of a connected package from M2SYS that offers:

  • Configurable cloud software
  • Integrated identity management capabilities
  • Superscalar back-end matching
  • Mobile applications

The opportunities and applications of mCloud™ are limitless! Unconstrained from the limitations, maintenance, and expenses of PC-based operations, mCloud™ is the logical mobile extension of any M2SYS cloud software and can also be integrated with any third-party application.

Certifications: FBI, FIPS, PIV

Applicable Industries:

  • Police Departments
  • Driver Identity Management
  • Border Control & Immigration Facilities
  • Military Bases
  • National ID Registration
  • Voter Registration
  • Census
  • Judicial & Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Universities & Student Management Authorities
  • Any organization that wants to introduce biometric identity management


  • Secured communication through encrypted data with cloud server
  • Works seamlessly with any M2SYS cloud-based solution
  • Does not require any proprietary device or operating system
  • Android & iOS operating system supported
  • Applicable to a wide range of industries, including: Defense, Immigration, Border Control, Census, Judicial & Law Enforcement, Banking, Micro-Credit Organizations, Logistics Support Providers
  • Reduces hardware expenses through built-in camera on mobile device
  • Uses GSM internet connectivity for connecting with host/server
  • BYOD concept eliminates carrying large briefcase and devices


  • Minimizes operational deployment costs
  • Eliminates the need for PC-based enrollment kits
  • Includes the ability to add both demographic and biometric data
  • Able to work both online and offline for future synchronization depending on high-speed connection availability
  • Automatic device configuration managed from the cloud (host server application)
  • Ability to identify individuals in the field from any mobile device
  • Works with Android/iOS tablets and mobile phones
  • Provides 100% operation portability with the option of central monitoring
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