Fujitsu tablet with integrated PalmSecure sensor

Fujitsu’s ruggedized tablet comes with serious security – palm vein biometrics powered by an integrated PalmSecure sensor.

More and more tablets and mobile devices are ramping up security with biometrics – almost all major smartphones are now equipped with some kind of biometric sensor or scanner. Apple just shocked many by introducing face biometrics in place of their fingerprint scanner, the technology apple paid over $350 million for several years ago.

M2SYS_Palm_MobileWhen taken with an infrared camera, face recognition becomes a rock solid biometric modality. Tech giants switching from fingerprint to face now validates why M2SYS always believed in underlying hybrid biometric technology – each biometric modality works differently in different environments; there is no “one fits all” approach in biometrics. That’s why we invented a solution and platform that lets our partners plug in different forms of biometrics as their business and product matures, without the need to rewrite any code. Can you believe that someone thought of this approach many many years ago? That’s M2SYS.
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Training Video on How to Use the M2SYS Palm Vein Scanner with Fujitsu PalmSecure Sensor

This week, M2SYS created a training video on proper and improper scanning techniques for the M2 Palm Vein reader that uses Fujitsu’s PalmSecure sensor.  If you are a new or existing palm vein customer, this video demonstrates the correct placement of the hand on the hand guide to ensure an accurate read of the end user’s palm vein pattern as well as incorrect placement of the hand that will cause difficulty in obtaining a proper scan.

Please take a moment to view the video and contact us if you have any comments or questions: