Is Your Home Security System Smart or Dumb?

using biometrics to secure your home

Home security has rapidly evolved beyond padlocks and deadbolts. Learn more about new technologies now available to better secure your place of residence.

Remember the times, when you used to buy those giant locks with massive keys to secure your houses? Or do you know how that was replaced by one central door key, which was too big to be kept inside your pocket? It’s true that time flies, but the other side is also true that it flies with a lot of changes. Today, security systems have become less complex and more technology based.

With huge technological advancements in recent years, life has become simpler and less of a painstaking journey. One of the best advancements is the ease in security systems provided by the invention of biometrics. This has become bliss for many businessmen and professionals cautious about their belongings. Continue reading →

Looking Ahead: What New Biometric Modalities are on the Horizon?

what future biometric identification management modalities can we expect to see?

The evolution of biometrics will bring brand new modalities for individual identification.

The following post was written by Tanvir Ahmed, Executive (SEO/ SEM/ PPC) Business Development & Interactive Marketing at M2SYS Technology

There are countless distinguishing behavioral traits and physical attributes which make each of us unique individuals. Biometrics is a science that identifies and captures these characteristics converting them into templates that can be read by biometric hardware devices and interpreted by back end identification matching software as authentication proxies of our physical selves in the digital realm.
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