Electric Smart Car to Use Biometrics for Passenger Recognition

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A China-based smart car company is going to release their biometric enabled car at their Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas later this month.

The user interface is the main factor driving attention of this vehicle. It has multiple display screens inside the car including a central ‘Shared Experience Display’. The main intention of this technology is so that passengers can interact using hand gestures only.

The core user interaction feature is also prepared to consolidate apps and data from other gadgets.

The company manufacturing the car relies on the use of biometrics during the entire process. The biometric technology used by the company identifies the passenger in the car. The adopted biometric modalities in this car are a voice and facial recognition system where voice recognition is the embedded system and facial recognition is to unlock the car doors.

With the addition of biometric technology, more car manufacturers are gaining interest to use similar technology. The smart car campaign motivates other manufacturers which is having a large impact in the industry. Already another car manufacturer, Hyundai Mobis, announced their intention to showcase their biometric enabled car at Consumer Electronics Show.

The smart car manufacturer stated that the new biometric technology will be available for test drives starting January 8th and they will go into production in 2019. The initial plan to release the product in the US and European market by 2020.

Source: MobileIDWorld

Mehedi Hassan (32 Posts)

Mehedi Hassan is the Digital Marketing Executive of M2SYS Technology.

Mehedi Hassan

Mehedi Hassan is the Digital Marketing Executive of M2SYS Technology.