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M2SYS Technology, a global leader in biometric identification provides technology that makes biometric software affordable, simple to integrate, and inexpensive to support, while enabling customers to easily utilize the right form of biometric technology for their needs.

M2SYS video channel combines general educational videos on biometrics, biometric hardware modality training, end user deployments, and healthcare solutions

What is Hybrid Biometric Platform™?
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Hybrid Biometric Platform™ is a multi-modal biometrics system that supports fingerprint, finger vein, palm vein, iris, and facial recognition.

Recently awarded Frost and Sullivan's Biometrics Industry New Product Innovation award, Hybrid Biometric Platform uses the patent-pending Bio-Plugin™ middleware to immediately have the ability to deploy the form of biometric technology that best neutralizes varying user, demographic, and environmental conditions. Providing the ability to utilize a multi-modal biometric identification platform that includes fingerprint, finger vein, palm vein, iris, and facial recognition, Hybrid Biometric Platform eliminates rejected fingerprints and leverages five biometric modalities to help ensure identification accuracy for any user, under any condition.

In addition to offering the flexibility of five different biometric modalities to tailor your deployment model based on the unique needs of your users, Hybrid Biometric Platform also offers an enterprise-ready easily scalable system that can be rapidly integrated into any Windows or Web application in a matter of hours plus no run-time compilation is needed eliminating ongoing support and maintenance burdens.