Infographic: Applications of AFIS

The applications of Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS) are increasingly being adopted by countries all around the globe. Biometric AFIS solutions have proven to be a much more secure and accurate tool to address the problems that traditional forms of identification present.

With a biometric AFIS system in place, government agencies such as border control, election commissions, and law enforcement can ensure accurate identification through unique biometric characteristics.

Infographic on Applications of Automated Fingerprint Identification Sytem AFIS

Ensuring Fair and Efficient Service Delivery with Biometrics for Government

biometrics for government

Biometrics for government is promising to increase both efficiency and transparency for public service benefit distribution and prevent government corruption and citizen identity theft.

In the era of technology sophistication, is there any solution that can help government organizations administer fair and efficient government service delivery? Governments from both developing and developed countries are struggling with transparency, efficiency, and accountability to deliver public services to citizens. Corruption in different levels of the distribution process, lack of accurate identity documents, and fraudulent activity hampers smoothly run government public service facilities. In this article we are going to demonstrate how the use biometrics for citizen identification is promising to increase both efficiency and transparency for public service benefit distribution and prevent government corruption and citizen identity theft.

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Yemen Deploys M2SYS TrueVoter™ Biometric Voter Registration Solution

TrueVoter biometric voter registration solution from M2SYS Technology

Yemen’s decision to deploy the TrueVoter™ biometric voter registration system will require all citizens to register their biometric credentials to vote in the upcoming elections.

Today, we were excited to announce that the country of Yemen has deployed our TrueVoter™ biometric voter registration solution that allows for the fast, accurate, and uncontested enrollment and identification of voters for the upcoming constitutional referendum and national elections. Working in partnership with the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES), Yemen’s Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendum (SCER) chose the TrueVoter™ biometric voter registration solution to help reduce the number of electoral disputes, support the legitimacy of the voting process, and, by extension, boost public confidence in Yemen’s democratic institutions.

TrueVoter™ is a unique biometric voting registration solution broken down into four components:

  1. Easy Capture – a highly configurable voter data capture solution for enrollment
  2. Voter Information Manager – this is the central application that manages all voter records
  3. ABIS matching – a fast matching search engine that delivers accurate and secure results
  4. ABIS de-duplication and adjudication – the fastest and most powerful de-duplication software in the world and powerful back end tool to help quickly and fairly resolve any election disputes

Furthermore, the TrueVoter™ system has the ability be easily configured to support the English, Arabic, French, Spanish and Portuguese languages, plus it provides the SCER with a comprehensive and secure system to register voters and de-duplicate biometric data within the database, providing a clean and accurate voter registry that prevents citizens from registering multiple times and voting under different aliases.

Take a look at our video covering the deployment:

We proudly support Yemen’s government in their proactive step to establish election legitimacy through the use of a biometric voter registration platform. We also hope that additional countries seeking to stem election fraud and establish more faith in democratically elected governments will also consider deploying biometric voter registration solutions!