Shanghai Subway Adopts Voice and Facial Recognition Systems

Shanghai Subway

Shanghai Subway Source

Shanghai Subway is one of the busiest railway systems in the world and provides a daily commuting system for millions of people. It has all the latest technologies to help with the reliability & convenience of transporting millions of passengers to China’s biggest city and financial hub. It was recently announced they are now they are going to implement intelligent ticket machines by using  voice and facial recognition systems to further improve their processes. Continue reading →

Biometrics in Movies Sci-Fi Security (Infographic)

Do you remember the first time you saw biometric technology? Was it in an early “Star Trek” episode or maybe in “2001: A Space Odyssey?” Have you noticed the biometrics used in recent movies like “Dredd,” “District 9,” or “Ex Machina?”

Biometrics have long been used in science fiction movies to portray a futuristic world of advanced technology. From retina scans to voice identification and facial recognition, we’ve seen these technologies on the big screen for more than 50 years.

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New Technology to Tighten Bank Security – Voice Biometrics

voice biometrics helps secure financial trasnactions

Voice biometrics is playing a larger role to help better secure transactions in the financial services industry.

When it comes to banks, there is a constant need to update security measures to ensure the safety of bank accounts. Biometric voice recognition technology now enables bank customers to use their voice as an added layer of protection for their bank accounts.

Voice biometrics is a very promising innovation that will protect accounts from call-in center scams, wherein felons call a bank’s customer service hotline pretending to be in a situation that will move the assisting representative to give them access to confidential data and inevitably, to the account’s funds. Continue reading →

Why Smart Home Technology Saves Money

voice biometrics for smart homes

Voice biometrics are playing an important role in the design and development of today’s smart homes.

This guest post is written by a writer of Urban Outsource Pty Ltd, an Australia’s leading marketplace for on-demand home services.

In today’s modern homes, voice recognition devices at home allow you to control electronics with the use of a tablet or other smart device. An app allows family members to fine-tune everything from any electronic device with an Internet connection. House cleaning is made easier with automatic vacuum cleaners like the ones professional cleaning services use. These smart systems allow you to control the thermostat, security systems, lights, appliances and even a home theater system.

How It Works

Smart home technology works by sending infrared messages to various electronics and works with voice recognition. Some electronic systems use speech recognition software to control computers, Wi-Fi networks and more. Manufacturers know that homeowners will purchase these systems because they are easy to use. Continue reading →

Voice Biometrics Expands Functionality as a Trusted Identification Credential

voice biometrics for individual identification

Speech recognition (aka “voice biometrics”) is a rising biometric modality for identification in a host of settings.

The following guest post was submitted by Sense of Security, a leading independent provider of IT security and risk management solutions in Australia.

The Applications and Future of Speech Recognition Software

Speech recognition (also known as “voice biometrics”) software is used in homes and businesses for various applications. Many of these programs allow users to control computer functions such as opening files and folders with voice commands. Other programs control access to computer features and prevent unwanted users from accessing personal information. Continue reading →

How Soon Can You Expect Biometric Identification to Touch Your Life?

biometric identification management technology use is rising

The use of biometrics for individual identification will eventually touch virtually everyone’s life.

The following guest post was submitted by Prime Medical Alert and Senior Planning in Phoenix, Arizona.

The surge in use of biometric technology for individual identification has managed to touch virtually every market in the world. Biometrics are slowly replacing passwords, personal identification numbers (PINs), plastic ID cards, and other forms of what are considered antiquated and unsecure methods of authentication. As we witness the growth explosion of biometrics for individual identification, here are some surprising uses of the technology that are sure to touch our lives at some point (if they haven’t already!):

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