M2-FuseID™ “Smart” Biometric Finger Scanner Training Video

M2-FuseID is a multimodal biometrics fingerprint reader and finger scanner

The M2-FuseID™ “smart” multimodal finger reader simultaneously captures the fingerprint and finger vein patterns of an end user.

You may have heard earlier this year that we released details about our brand new, innovative, next-generation M2-FuseID™ “smart” finger scanner that simultaneously captures both a fingerprint image and the finger vein pattern delivering the highest level of security, reliability, and accuracy than any other fingerprint scanner on the market. A few weeks ago, we released a general overview video that provides general information about the design and functionality of this innovative finger scanner featuring revolutionary liveness detection to prevent spoofing.

We went a step further and created a video that explains how to use the reader including proper and improper finger placement that helps to ensure quality scans, use and care of the device, and details on the finger scanner features. This video is perfectly suited for end users who have just adopted the finger scanner for their own use or for those who may be curious about how it works.

Here is a copy of the video:


M2SYS – Biometric Identification Management for Over a Decade

M2SYS has been active in the biometric identification management industry for over a decade.

We look back at the last decade of our accomplishments in biometric identification management on our latest video.

Like most companies, there are times when we pause to take a look back and reflect on our accomplishments in order to help keep our perspective and frame our vision and strategy moving forward. We created a short video that encapsulates the past 11 years of our history in biometric identification management and how we have helped to pioneer advancements in the biometric industry through creativity, innovation, and perseverance.

We have been instrumental in the effort to help spread the use of biometric identification management across all corners of the globe through both large and small scale deployments and take pride in our ability to use a strategic blend of ingenuity and science to ensure that our biometric identification management solutions address real world problems and are designed in a user-friendly way using techniques such as human factor engineering that advance it’s acceptance. Plus, at M2SYS Technology we are consistently working hard to help educate the public about the benefits of biometric identification and address concerns about privacy, irrecovability, and safe storage of biometric profile information.

We are proud of our accomplishments and optimistic about the future possibilities of biometric identification management. Please take a moment to watch this video and share in our success!