M2-FuseID™ “Smart” Biometric Finger Reader Achieves FBI Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Certification

M2-FuseID is a multimosal biometric finger reader that simultaneously captures a fingerprint and finger vein pattern.

Our brand new M2-FuseID™ multimodal “smart” finger reader achieves FBI PIV certification.

With great pride we announced today that our brand new M2-FuseID™ “smart” multimodal biometrics finger reader that allows end users the ability to simultaneously capture a fingerprint and finger vein pattern with a single scan and offers sophisticated liveness detection to prevent forgery and spoofing has achieved FBI PIV certification and meets quality specifications for civil ID and other commercial applications.

Significant in that PIV certification is viewed by the industry as a key characteristic to provide assurance and piece of mind to end users of biometric identification management systems that a hardware device meets or exceeds FBI interoperability standards and quality specifications, the M2-FuseID™ reader is poised to make a significant impact on deployments that require the highest levels of security and accuracy such as civil ID and banking/financial services.

The innovative M2-FuseID™ smart finger reader was conceived, designed, and built by M2SYS staff with the goal of delivering a more sophisticated fingerprint scanner that delivers optimal security, reliability, and accuracy with advanced finger imaging and modern “liveness” detection to alleviate spoofing and fraud.

A link to the news release can be found here: http://bit.ly/WeZHnQ

Congratulations to the M2SYS team for this achievement!

M2SYS Announces Support for Integrated Biometrics’ “Sherlock LES Fingerprint Sensor

The M2-RapdiCheck mobile biometric identification device uses the Sherlock fingerprint sensor

Mobile biometric devices, such as our RapidCheck™10-29 multimodal biometric device, require flexible, modern sensor technology to meet market demands.

Today we announced support in our Hybrid Biometric Platform™ multi-modal biometrics system for the innovative “Sherlock” Light Emitting Sensor (LES) fingerprint sensor, designed and produced by Integrated Biometrics. Why is this important?

The marked increase in mobile biometric identification management deployments demands innovative hardware that is capable of capturing moist or dry fingerprints in any type of weather conditions, even extreme in nature. The evolution of biometric identification deployments from a brick and mortar setting to mobile deployments in the field that allow system administrators to bring equipment directly to the end user for identification necessitates flexible, secure, lightweight, and durable hardware requiring low power requirements and fast, accurate results. The LES fingerprint sensors are perfectly geared towards mobile and pocket-sized smart devices which are quickly becoming mainstream for modern deployments.

One of the core tenets at M2SYS is to invest in the prosperity and success of our partners and end users by offering the most innovative, efficient, and results-oriented biometric identification solutions easily adaptable to any environment or conditions. We understand that success is determined by customizing our solutions to meet the unique needs of our end users and adapting to their environment. The steady rise in mobile biometric deployments is largely based on the ability to quickly and accurately capture fingerprints regardless of the conditions or physical environment. Support of the LES “Sherlock” sensor fits into our commitment to continue offering the most innovative, accurate, and user-friendly biometric identification tools on the market.

In what ways do you see the “Sherlock” fingerprint sensor having an immediate impact on the biometric identification market?

Five Things We Are Thankful for in the Biometrics Industry This Holiday Season

M2SYS Technology is a biometric identification management company

2013 was a banner year for M2SYS Technology. Here are 5 things we are grateful for.

Thanksgiving in the U.S. is a time for us to step back and reflect on those things we are particularly thankful for in the biometric identification management industry. 2013 has been a banner year for the team at M2SYS Technology, taking us down new paths and providing new opportunities to deploy our biometric identification technology to more corners of the globe as an identity solution within many diverse markets.

We can’t help but smile at the unprecedented market growth and continued future global potential of using biometrics as an identity management tool. It’s no surprise that events such as Apple’s use of biometrics on their new iPhone model has brought increased attention to this technology and opened doors to its use in many additional capacities.

Here is a list of the top five things we are most grateful for this Thanksgiving season:

1. The new M2-FuseID™ hybrid multimodal reader: Promising to revolutionize the hybrid biometric scanner market as a hardware device designed to perform both 1:1 and 1:N matching for both fingerprint and finger vein templates in a PC-based environment, the M2-FuseID™ device is designed to read 100% of end users eliminating limitations of relying on fingerprint recognition alone.

A significant achievement in innovation and design, the M2-FuseID™ scanner meets the demand of dynamic biometric identification projects around the world that necessitate ongoing innovation in hardware design that delivers greater accuracy and speed, especially for deployments that cover large databases consisting of millions of end users.

2. Spreading knowledge about biometric technology all over the globe: As part of our continued effort to help educate markets about the value of biometric technology in a host of different venues, 2013 was another banner year for us to travel the circuit discussing the value of biometric identification technology. Mizan Rahman, our CEO and Founder, spoke at several international events, most recently at the 2013 Biometrics Exhibition and Conference in London where he discussed “How Mobile Biometrics is Changing the Landscape and the Role of BYOD.” Bill Dumont, Executive VP at M2SYS, just returned from a trip to Argentina where he spoke at the 2013 International Congress of Biometrics in Agrentina about “The Convergence of Private and Public Biometrics.”

2013 brought us many opportunities to help educate and share knowledge about the biometrics industry. Look for even more opportunities in 2014!

3. The potential future growth of the biometric industry across the world: There doesn’t seem to be a day that passes without a new report forecasting the exponential global growth of biometric technology for many modalities and markets. For example, a report was recently released forecasting that the maritime security market is estimated to be worth $19.48 billion by 2018, largely fueled by an increase in demand for mobile biometric solutions such as our M2-RapidCheck™ mobile biometric identification deviceWhether its the potential growth of voice biometrics or general forecasts on the growth of the entire industry, we are grateful to be a part of an industry that promises to reshape identification management in the world we live in.

4. The increased use of our RightPatient™ iris biometric solution for patient identification: 2013 proved to be a breakthrough year for RightPatient™, our multi-biometric patient safety system available with iris recognition. We saw several large hospital chains along with a host of independent healthcare facilities adopt this technology as a means to help prevent duplicate medical records and overlays, reduce risk, eliminate medical identity theft and fraud at the point of service, increase patient safety, streamline the registration process, and enhance patient privacy.

We have worked hard to develop and launch a biometric patient identification system that offers more advantages over other products that rely on modalities that aren’t an adequate solution for preventing some of the biggest problems hospitals face due to patient misidentification. Look for many more hospitals to adopt this technology in 2014 as they learn more about the advantages of using biometrics for patient identification.

5. Our community: Finally, it would be remiss for us not to mention the community we serve here at M2SYS as one of the biggest things we are thankful for in 2013. Without the ability to engage, educate, interact, and learn from the customers, prospects, industry professionals, analysts, competitors, and pundits that are part of our community, we would not be where we are today – a global leader in biometric identification management technology.

So thank you to our community – to those that take the time to read, comment, and share our content, for those that ask intelligent questions about our solutions or the biometric market in general, for those who are part of our social media community and graciously follow our channels sharing information and knowledge to the broader community, we thank you.

Hope that there are many things you are grateful for in 2013. May you and yours have a very safe, warm, and joyous 2013 Thanksgiving holiday!

M2SYS Wins Award for “Top 40 Innovative Technology Companies in Georgia”

M2SYS Technology, an identity management solutions firm specializing in biometric technology wins award as one of the top 40 innovative technology companies in Georgia.

M2SYS named one of “Top 40 Innovative technology Companies in Georgia”

We are pleased to announce that the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) has named us as one of the “Top 40 Innovative Technology Companies in Georgia.” TAG’s Top 40 awards recognize Georgia-based technology companies for their innovation, financial impact, and their efforts at spreading awareness of Georgia’s technology initiatives throughout the U.S. and globally.

The opportunity to be recognized by this award is an honor for our team and we are proud to be selected as part of an elite group of innovators in Georgia. Our efforts as an identity management solutions firm specializing in biometric technology have seen our deployments spread to all corners of the globe helping to foster higher security and increased convenience in many different market segments including healthcare biometric patient identification, workforce management biometric time clocks, and automated biometric identification systems (ABIS) for large scale, mulit-modal projects in areas such as law enforcement, national ID, and border control.

Thank you to everyone at TAG for the prestigious award and for all of our team here at M2SYS for working together to passionately support the growth and development of biometric technology.

For more details on the award, please read our news release in our corporate press room.

M2SYS Hires Steve Runyan as VP of Sales for Workforce Solutions Division

The M2SYS Workforce Solutions Division is dedicated to providing innovative identity management solutions to help employers reduce cost, maximize efficiency, and improve productivity. The business unit’s flagship product is RightPunch™ a multi-lingual PC-based biometric time clock software solution that seamlessly integrates with leading workforce management platforms.

RightPunch™ is a PC-based biometric time clock that helps employers reduce unnecessary labor costs, ensure compliance, and increase employee productivity.

We are proud to announce that Steve Runyan has joined the M2SYS team as VP of Sales for our Workforce Solutions Division. Steve brings over 25 years of experience in domestic and international sales, most recently in the workforce management industry focusing on enterprise sales in the retail vertical for Kronos, Inc.

Steve will be in charge of leading the continued growth of the M2SYS Workforce Solutions Division, highlighted by its flagship product RightPunch™, a affordable and flexible PC-based biometric time clock software solution designed to help reduce payroll error rates, reduce unnecessary labor costs, ensure compliance, and increase employee productivity by eliminating buddy punching.

Founder and CEO Mizan Rahman along with President Michael Trader praised Steve for the depth of his experience and proven track record of building relationships and managing enterprise solutions. He will be a welcome addition to the M2SYS team and we are excited to have him leading the expansion of our Workforce Solutions division which is dedicated to providing identity management solutions to help reduce expenses, increase employee accountability, maximize efficiency and ensure compliance with labor tracking laws.

For more information on our announcement, please visit the M2SYS Corporate Press Room.

@Fresno_State using @M2SYS @Right_Punch Biometric Time Clock for Employee Time & Attendance

RightPunch is a PC-based biometric time clock used to help create efficiencies for employee time and attendance

RightPunch™ PC-based biometric time clock

Today, M2SYS announced that another California State University campus has incorporated their RightPunch™ biometric time clock using palm vein technology to keep track of employee time and attendance. California State University, Fresno Association, Inc. has implemented the M2SYS RightPunch™ palm vein biometric employee identification technology with Kronos Time and Attendance Software to help optimize labor tracking performance. Click here for a copy of the news release.

Joining with Cal Poly Pomona Foundation, Inc. who currently uses palm vein biometrics with the RightPunch™ biometric time clock, California State University, Fresno Association, Inc. chose to implement a PC-based biometric time clock with their Kronos Time and Attendance software to more efficiently manage and track labor costs and reduce employee time theft. In addition, California State University, Fresno Association, Inc. also sought to speed punch times and avoid costly legal expenses and legal fees which can often be a tremendous financial and resource burden.

RightPunch™ drastically reduces payroll error rates and helps expedite the clock in/clock out process to boost employee productivity and increase accountability. Plus, RightPunch™ is a more affordable alternative to a wall mounted biometric time clock and is powered by the M2SYS Hybrid Biometric Platform™ which offers support for fingerprint, finger vein, palm vein and iris recognition, ensuring that 100% of employees are reliably and consistently identified.

We welcome California State University, Fresno Association, Inc. into the M2SYS family of RightPunch™ users and look forward to working with more institutes of higher education and all others to help implement biometric time clocks to efficiently track employee time and attendance.