Fujitsu tablet with integrated PalmSecure sensor

Fujitsu’s ruggedized tablet comes with serious security – palm vein biometrics powered by an integrated PalmSecure sensor.

More and more tablets and mobile devices are ramping up security with biometrics – almost all major smartphones are now equipped with some kind of biometric sensor or scanner. Apple just shocked many by introducing face biometrics in place of their fingerprint scanner, the technology apple paid over $350 million for several years ago.

M2SYS_Palm_MobileWhen taken with an infrared camera, face recognition becomes a rock solid biometric modality. Tech giants switching from fingerprint to face now validates why M2SYS always believed in underlying hybrid biometric technology – each biometric modality works differently in different environments; there is no “one fits all” approach in biometrics. That’s why we invented a solution and platform that lets our partners plug in different forms of biometrics as their business and product matures, without the need to rewrite any code. Can you believe that someone thought of this approach many many years ago? That’s M2SYS.
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M2SYS – Biometric Identification Management for Over a Decade

M2SYS has been active in the biometric identification management industry for over a decade.

We look back at the last decade of our accomplishments in biometric identification management on our latest video.

Like most companies, there are times when we pause to take a look back and reflect on our accomplishments in order to help keep our perspective and frame our vision and strategy moving forward. We created a short video that encapsulates the past 11 years of our history in biometric identification management and how we have helped to pioneer advancements in the biometric industry through creativity, innovation, and perseverance.

We have been instrumental in the effort to help spread the use of biometric identification management across all corners of the globe through both large and small scale deployments and take pride in our ability to use a strategic blend of ingenuity and science to ensure that our biometric identification management solutions address real world problems and are designed in a user-friendly way using techniques such as human factor engineering that advance it’s acceptance. Plus, at M2SYS Technology we are consistently working hard to help educate the public about the benefits of biometric identification and address concerns about privacy, irrecovability, and safe storage of biometric profile information.

We are proud of our accomplishments and optimistic about the future possibilities of biometric identification management. Please take a moment to watch this video and share in our success!

M2SYS Technology Founder and CEO Mizan Rahman Interview with Technology Association of Georgia (TAG)

radio interview on biometric identification management technology

The Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) interviewed our Founder and CEO Mizan Rahman to discuss our work in the biometric identification management industry.

The Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) interviewed M2SYS Technology Founder and CEO Mizan Rahman this week to talk about our work in the global biometric identification management industry, insights on future applications of the tech, what variables translate into a successful deployment, and how M2SYS is a leading innovator of biometric technology.

A link to the interview on the TAG Web site can be found here.

A special thank you to the TAG staff for allowing us the opportunity to speak about biometric identification management technology and share our story!

M2SYS Founder and CEO Mizan Rahman Interviewed on Atlanta Tech Edge TV Show

M2SYS Technology offers biometric identification management solutions

Our Founder and CEO recently appeared on the “Atlanta Tech Edge” TV program to talk about M2SYS and the biometrics industry

We were delighted at the opportunity to have Mizan Rahman, our Founder and CEO interviewed on 11 Alive’s Atlanta Tech Edge TV program that focuses on innovative technology trends and features the companies behind the research and design of these technology solutions.

Mizan was invited on to the program to discuss some of the work we have been doing here at M2SYS and to offer insight on the biometric identification management industry including it’s growth potential and likely places where we may see the technology used for individual identification management.

Here is a link to the interview – – or you can click on the embedded video below to watch the entire segment.

Thank you to the Atlanta Tech Edge team for inviting Mizan to speak on your program!



M2SYS Wins Award for “Top 40 Innovative Technology Companies in Georgia”

M2SYS Technology, an identity management solutions firm specializing in biometric technology wins award as one of the top 40 innovative technology companies in Georgia.

M2SYS named one of “Top 40 Innovative technology Companies in Georgia”

We are pleased to announce that the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) has named us as one of the “Top 40 Innovative Technology Companies in Georgia.” TAG’s Top 40 awards recognize Georgia-based technology companies for their innovation, financial impact, and their efforts at spreading awareness of Georgia’s technology initiatives throughout the U.S. and globally.

The opportunity to be recognized by this award is an honor for our team and we are proud to be selected as part of an elite group of innovators in Georgia. Our efforts as an identity management solutions firm specializing in biometric technology have seen our deployments spread to all corners of the globe helping to foster higher security and increased convenience in many different market segments including healthcare biometric patient identification, workforce management biometric time clocks, and automated biometric identification systems (ABIS) for large scale, mulit-modal projects in areas such as law enforcement, national ID, and border control.

Thank you to everyone at TAG for the prestigious award and for all of our team here at M2SYS for working together to passionately support the growth and development of biometric technology.

For more details on the award, please read our news release in our corporate press room.

M2SYS CEO @themizan to Speak at 2012 Biometrics Summit in Miami

M2SYS CEO will be speaking about public safety and biometrics at the 2012 Biometrics Summit in Miami

M2SYS CEO to Speak at 2012 Biometrics Summit

Where: Miami Hilton Downtown, Miami, FL

When: February 27 – March 1, 2012

M2SYS Informational Session: Day two,  02/29/12, 3:25pm

M2SYS CEO Mizan Rahman will be speaking next week at the 2012 Biometrics Summit in Miami, FL. Mizan will be joined by James Rokosky from our partners at DSI-ITI, LLC. to dicsuss using multi-modal biometrics to enhance the public safety sector by securing the identification and tracking of inmates and visitors.

Due to increasing crime rates, correctional facilities are finding it difficult to securely manage the ever-growing number of identification records for prisoners and visitors. Proper identification of inmates prior to release is critical to public safety, and often times, over-populated and under-staffed jails may release unauthorized inmates due to human error or to inmates swapping ID bracelets with other inmates. Multi-modal biometric identification solutions provide a fail-safe way to properly manage correctional facilities. By using biometric identification at key areas throughout a detention center, the management system can track inmate and visitor movements throughout the day. Inmate and visitor whereabouts can be determined at any time, which increases accountability and in turn, increases overall jail security and safety.

Sharing experiences of how biometrics has evolved in the public safety sector, this session will focus on the functionality and advantages of using multi-modal biometric identification in detention centers for inmate and visitor management, including:

  • How to deploy biometric identification for prisoner and visitor identification within a facility
  • Why liabilities inherent with identity management in the public safety sector are virtually eliminated with biometric identification
  • Using accurate and efficient multi-modal biometric technology to track and control visitor registration and inmate intake, release, medicine dispersal and location

If you are in Miami for the conference, please drop in to hear Mizan speak. Hope to see you there!

Announcing the First #Biometric Tweet Chat Hosted by @M2SYS Technology

Biometric technology tweet chat

Tweet Chat on Biometric Technology

When:  October 6, 2011

11:00 am EST, 8:00 am PST, 16:00 pm BST, 17:00 pm (CEST), 23:00 pm (SGT), 0:00 (JST)


What: The First tweet chat about biometric technology

                                                         Topic: Biometrics and Privacy

October the 6th, 2011 will mark the first tweet chat on biometric technology of its kind.  After running a couple of polls and talking with some industry professionals, we thought it was a good time to start a chat that helps educate, promotes communication and openly discusses challenges and issues that the biometrics industry faces.  Plus, it will also provide an opportunity to take a look into the future and ponder what changes may lay ahead and how they can affect the many different vertical markets that biometric technology touches.

Not familiar with a tweet chat?  A Twitter tweet chat is a  pre-scheduled chat on Twitter where participants can discuss and learn in real time through the use of updates (tweets) about topics of interest with other industry professionals and anyone else who wishes to participate.  Formal Twitter tweet chats are arranged in advance and occur at a specific time.  The biometric tweet chat will include a formal agenda with a specific leader or “speaker”, and involve a free flowing discussion between all participants.

To make tweet chats easier to follow, a Twitter hashtag is used for each chat so you can easily follow the conversation by creating a separate search within your favorite Twitter platform.  The hashtag that will be used for the first chat is #biometricchat  Although it is possible to participate in a tweet chat through a platform such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck, we recommend using an online platform like Tweetchat which makes it very easy to follow the discussion, add in your own tweets and ask questions to the guest or other participants.  Simply click on “Sign In” on the top right hand corner and authorize the application (if you are already signed into Twitter) or enter your Twitter handle and password.  You will then see a hashtag symbol at the top of the page (#) and an open field directly next to it.  Type in “biometricchat” and the stream will then begin to list all of the tweets that are marked with the hash tag #biometricchat.  If you want to contribute to the conversation, type your tweet into the box below “Message to #biometricchat” and then hit your “enter” key or click on “update.”  You can also @reply to tweets, or retweet (RT) using the symbols on the right hand side of each tweet in the stream.

The format of the first chat will be single question, topic based Q&A which means that the chat will be on a general topic (privacy and biometrics), that asks specific, numbered questions to a guest throughout the chat within that topic. Each question gets roughly 15 minutes, and the chat lasts one hour. Participants can follow along the chat stream, and add any answers of their own to the questions, plus add opinions, additional questions and any other thoughts.  We expect that everyone understands there is a level of respect, decency and courtesy which is expected from participants and this is not an opportunity to castigate, berate or intentionally demean any guest or participant in the chat.

Our first guest for the inaugural biomteric tweet chat will be James Baker who will be representing the NO2ID campaign in the UK. James has previously written a guest blog post about biometrics and privacy for M2SYS in which he articulates his viewpoint on the perception of biometrics from privacy advocates and suggestions on how the industry can improve the technology to work towards privacy enhancement. James (and possibly some additional colleagues from the campaign TBD) will share; thoughts about biometrics and privacy to help everyone understand the issues that they see, the reasoning behind their views and the fundamentals of their interpretations.  We are grateful that they will be our guests for the first biometric tweet chat.  This discussion is not meant to be biased, but rather a free flow of conversation and open communication about biometric technology and privacy.

If there is a question that you would like us to include during the chat, please submit it to: and we will do our best to include it during the chat.  If the first biometric tweet chat goes well, we will continue to schedule the chat for the first Thursday of every month at the same time.

We look forward to seeing everyone on the 6th of October, and hope that you will spread the message to any colleagues or friends that you feel would benefit from the chat.  Please feel free to leave any comments below.

M2SYS Volunteers With HomeStretch of Atlanta to Rebuild Houses for the Homeless Part II

Continuing in our goal of helping the community through volunteering initiatives, a few of us set out again to help HomeStretch of Atlanta rehabilitate homes for the homeless. HomeStretch is a noble cause — they provide temporary housing for the homeless of Atlanta who are picking up the pieces of their lives and making a concerted effort to get back on track.  We first volunteered for HomeStretch back in the summer of 2010 and enjoyed it so much that we organized another trip.

Here is a short video of our experience.  What volunteering initiatives do you consider worthwhile in your community?:



M2SYS Exhibiting At This Year’s American Payroll Association Congress Trade Show

PC-based biometric time clockIf you plan on attending the 29th Annual American Payroll Association (APA) Congress this week in Salt Lake City, please stop by our Booth (#1019) to see firsthand how RightPunch PC-based biometric time clock identification technology can interface with your payroll software to help cut costs, increase efficiencies and boost productivity.  We will be showcasing fingerprint, finger vein and palm vein biometric technology with demos and plenty of experts on hand to answer your questions.

With the ability to now seamlessly interface with Kronos, ADP, TimeForce (Qqest), Empower and Insperity workforce management platforms, RightPunch is an affordable PC-based biometric time clock that has the potential to save 2%-4% of gross payroll.  Plus, it speeds up the check-in/check-out process to boost employee productivity and it is more safe and efficient than ID cards or personal identification numbers.  RightPunch also eliminates employee time theft, reported to cost U.S. companies nearly $400 billion per year.

The hallmark themes of the APA Congress are “Competence, Compliance, Community” so what better time to educate yourself on biometric technology, which ensures compliance with labor tracking laws and offers so many benefits and a strong potential to maximize your return on investment.

Take a look at this video to learn more about one of our customers who recently implemented RightPunch biometric identification with their Kronos time and attendance software to replace paper time sheets and instantly saw a 90% efficiency increase:




Help Us Choose Our Next Corporate Volunteering Initiative

Although our blog is primarily focused on talking about biometrics and its practical applications in business, periodically we will take a break and focus on other topics that are important to M2SYS Technology.

As we have mentioned in previous blog posts the staff at M2SYS emphasizes the importance of volunteering as a way for us to help strengthen our community and build teamwork within our company. We understand that a quality company is only as good as the integrity of the people who work there and a community becomes stronger through volunteering for efforts that help make a difference.

Our staff is constantly searching for philanthropic initiatives with non-profit organizations within our community and after careful review of some upcoming opportunities, we decided to let you, our readers, decide what our next volunteering activity should be. So we set up a dedicated Web site and posted volunteering options with descriptions of the activity and a chance to vote on our next project.  We work closely with HandsOnAtlanta, a non-profit organization that helps individuals, families and corporate and community groups find flexible volunteering opportunities at more than 400 service organizations and schools.

Won’t you please take a moment to cast your vote and help us to identify our next corporate volunteering activity?  Thank you!

What are some volunteering activities that your company has been involved with and how do you feel that has made a difference in your community?