Three of the Best Ways to Guard Your Business Against Cybercrime

biometric identification management technology to fight cybercrime

Learn more about why biometric identification management is an important tool to help stop the growth of cybercrimes.

The following guest post on preventing cybercrime was submitted by James Daniels.

For businesses today, cybersecurity is becoming an increasingly hot topic. As hackers and cybercriminals become more brazen, no business is safe from these online data thieves, who often have the power to tear a previously successful business apart. Since there is often no coming back from a large data breach, it is crucial for companies of all sizes to ensure that they implement only the best cybersecurity strategies and constantly update these methods in order to remain as secure as possible. We’ve listed some of the best modern and emerging new technologies for business owners and cybersecurity professionals to consider using in order to keep their business safe and secure.

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5 Ways biometric technology used in everyday life

Since the launch of biometric in iPhone, many of us believes that it has become a mainstream identification solution. Since then a lots of innovation has taken place to make this cutting edge technology even more secured and convenient. More and more devices and platforms have adopted the technology across multiple sectors, from access control to airport security. The penetration of biometric identification technology for both business and personal use is accelerating the push into our everyday life. Continue reading →

The Top Seven Advantages of a Biometric Identification Management System

In April 2014, we published a blog post on The Advantages of a Biometric Identification Management System. Since then, biometric technology has rapidly evolved and we believe it’s time to revisit and update the advantages of this technology.

Advantages of a biometric identification management system in 2016


What are the advantages of biometric identification management technology? Source: Pixabay

It today’s technology based society, traditional individual authentication methods are gradually becoming obsolete. Biometric authentication is taking over traditional passwords or ID card based authentication due to numerous advantages. Let’s examine the advantages of a biometric identification management system (which relies on “who you are”) vs. traditional authentication methods that rely on “what you have” or “what you know.”


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Top ten mind blowing advantages of biometric technology

The following guest post was submitted by Felipe Alexander

biometric-technologyThere have been a lot of advancements in the field of biometrics over the past few years. Biometric
technology is observed by many as the most effective and safe method of individual identific
ation. Biometric technology is described as the automatic techniques of recognizing or confirming the identity of a living person in particular centered on a physiological or behavioral trait. Therefore, biometric technology can be either a recognition or an authentication method.

Biometric technology is not new and its utilization has turned out to be progressively prevalent than most people imagined. It could be interpreted that biometrics offers a high level of detection and security operations that have a lot of advantages over conventional methods. The advantages that biometrics provides are that the information is distinctive for every person and it can utilized as a technique for individual identification. The top benefits of Biometric technology are authentication, privacy or data discretion, authorization or access control, data veracity, and non-repudiation. Continue reading →

Body Language Biometrics Replaces Passwords for Online Classes

biometrics and student identification

More educational institutions around the world are replacing passwords with body language biometrics for accurate online class student identification. (Image courtesy of Pixabay:

This post comes from the writing team at National Real Estate Learning who provides real estate online courses. They have developed online and resource material to help people every step of the online training when they are looking to commence a real estate career.

As reports of stolen ID codes like social security and credit card numbers show, relying on combinations of letters and numbers to secure online accounts is not entirely foolproof. The situation is no different when it comes to online education. With this form of schooling, stronger online identity verification is needed to counteract academic deception and hamper the added problem of financial fraud. To meet these demands, biometric technology is being increasingly deployed to thwart the threats. Continue reading →

Why School Districts Should Implement Cashless Fingerprint Payment System

Many school principals, district superintendents, administrators, and K-12 food service operators have already heard of fingerprint lunch lines, or the use of fingerprint biometric technology to recognize students and allow automated payment for school lunch purchases.

Using biometric fingerprint technology, school caterers or K-12 food service operators can not only simplify and speedup the school lunch line payment procedure, but can also eliminate lunch line fraud and stop bullying.

school lunch line payment

Using biometric fingerprint technology, school caterers or K-12 food service operators can simplify and speedup the school lunch line payment procedure

Fingerprints for student identification

The idea of a cashless fingerprint payment system for school lunch lines is not a new one. It has been used primarily in the United Kingdom and United States since the beginning of the 21st century, and is now widespread around the world including deployments in Australia, India, and some other European and Asian countries.

Schools mostly use student’s fingerprint data for cashless catering systems though in the United Kingdom fingerprint biometrics in schools were initially used for library book issuance. Within a few years fingerprints were being used for cashless catering systems, enabling parents to deposit money into students catering accounts, which is debited by a child’s fingerprint scan at the point of sale. In the United States, fingerprint biometrics systems are used primarily for lunch line point of sale transactions, as mentioned above.

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The Value of Biometrics for Student Attendance Management Systems

student attendance

Traditional student attendance record systems are time consuming and ineffective. Using biometrics is a more useful tool to easily and effectively track and manage student time and attendance. Photo Credits: Wiki

Biometric time and attendance systems have become widespread in different industries such as workforce management and are quickly becoming more and more useful in the education sector for accurate student attendance tracking due to the limitations and inaccuracies of traditional student attendance tracking methods like roll calling or card punching. The need for biometric student tracking attendance systems in educational institutes is rising because these systems are more accurate, faster, and convenient besides being a more effective tool to protect student identities and privacy. Continue reading →

5 Things to Consider Before Deploying a Biometric System for Your Business


The success of a biometric system for your business depends largely on how much thought & consideration was put into planning it.

Every business owner realizes that any kind of gap in security policies can lead to serious consequences. For example, you might get infected by a computer worm or virus, or even worse, your place of business may be infiltrated and vital information stolen.  Perhaps you already have looked at various security tools, and feel that a biometric system is best suited for your place of business. But are you aware of the facts that you need to seriously consider before deploying a biometric system for your business in order to improve security and maximize your return on investment (ROI)? Today we are going to discuss the 5 most important factors an entrepreneur needs to consider before deploying a biometric system.

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The Benefits of Using Cloud-Based Identity Management for Student Tracking

“With a feeling of great enthusiasm and eagerness, I arrived at the Lake view middle school where I planned to begin my career as a geography teacher. I was only 22 years old at that time and had just completed my grad course for teachers. I can still remember how well prepared I was for my first lesson, a good plan, an interesting topic… (climate change) I was full of energy and hope. After nervously and less than confidently entering in the sixth grade class the first thing I had to do was ‘ROLL CALL’. It took me almost 10 minutes to complete and I could not finish the day as I’ve dreamed. Did you ever track student attendance on a paper sheet during class hours? If yes, then you know how difficult and time consuming it is. Doesn’t it take the fun out of teaching? However, it doesn’t need to be this way.” – Susan Verhoff

student attendance tracking

Photo: Attendance monitoring with manual roll calls

Susan Verhoff is an imaginary middle school teacher but this scenario is common for every teacher from charter schools to universities around the globe. The problem of paper based attendance records stretches not only to attendance tracking but also in admission, assessment, library, cafeteria, classroom, enrollment, facility, financial, and fundraising management – all which take a large portion of teacher and student time.  Teachers and administrative staff have to spend a lot of unproductive time to track these events. Continue reading →