Is Your Home Security System Smart or Dumb?

using biometrics to secure your home

Home security has rapidly evolved beyond padlocks and deadbolts. Learn more about new technologies now available to better secure your place of residence.

Remember the times, when you used to buy those giant locks with massive keys to secure your houses? Or do you know how that was replaced by one central door key, which was too big to be kept inside your pocket? It’s true that time flies, but the other side is also true that it flies with a lot of changes. Today, security systems have become less complex and more technology based.

With huge technological advancements in recent years, life has become simpler and less of a painstaking journey. One of the best advancements is the ease in security systems provided by the invention of biometrics. This has become bliss for many businessmen and professionals cautious about their belongings. Continue reading →

3 Uses for Biometric Security at Home

biometrics for home security

Biometric identification management is becoming a more mainstream technology for home security.

The following guest post on the use of biometric identification management to increase home security was submitted by Costea Lestoc.

As you begin looking around for the latest most innovative security options for your home, it’s definitely a good idea to begin looking into biometric scanners and locks. These advanced pieces of security use today’s best innovations with the top technology to create personalized protection at reasonable prices.

When we talk about biometrics, we’re talking about technology in the form of a scanner used to measure a person’s biology. Biometric devices can scan facial features, iris patterns, fingerprints, palm prints and other factors and differentiate person-to-person. This is useful as far as personal protection is concerned. Continue reading →

The Top 5 Uses of Biometrics Across the Globe

Uses of biometrics across the globe is on the rise.

From border and immigration control to identifying criminals to time and attendance in workforce management, the practical uses of biometrics are growing rapidly. Source: Pixabay

Over the years, we have seen steady upward growth of biometric technology across the globe for myriad reasons but mostly due to the fact that personal identification and authentication is considered more and more important. From border and immigration control to identifying criminals to time and attendance in workforce management, the practical uses of biometrics are growing rapidly.

Many businesses consider biometrics to be applicable for government use only but they are quickly learning that the applications of biometrics extend far beyond the government use exclusively. In this post, we will discuss the top 5 uses of biometric technology across the globe — places where the technology is used to create more security and convenience for everyday citizens.

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5 Ways Biometric Technology Impacts Our Everyday Life: A Statistical Representation

Impact of biometric technology in everyday life

Biometric technology has become an integral part of our everyday lives

Did you know that biometric identification management technology has been around since the 19th century when police began to use it to track criminals? The implementation of biometric technology is around us and expanding fast, quickly becoming a part of everyday life.

A number of biological characteristics such as fingerprints, finger and palm vein patterns, and iris and voice recognition have proven to be useful in the evolution of biometrics and biometric identification capabilities are now becoming standard on many devices we use each day.

Listed here are 5 ways biometric technology is impacting your everyday life:
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Biometric Lock Technologies For Smart Homes: Where They Stand Today, And Where They’re Going Tomorrow

biometric lock increases home security

Will biometric smart locks change the future of home security?

The following guest post was submitted by Locksmiths South Perth WA, a local 24/7 mobile service in Australia.

In various industries, biometric security has been standard for years now. Few solutions are more secure because biometrics are difficult to copy or hack. Fingerprints, iris scans, and even facial recognition are common components here. Government and commercial entities rely upon such security measures all the time. Unfortunately, these technologies have been absent from a consumer standpoint. Smart homes are changing that, though.

Biometrics: Bursting Into Consumers’ Lives

Everyone knows about fingerprint and iris scanners from the media. Recently, biometric technology has pervaded into consumer devices. High-end smartphones now come with fingerprint scanners, and two devices feature iris scanners. The rise of smart home technology has brought the same concepts into consumers’ homes. At this point, a lock and key are no longer necessary for controlling access to a home, or even individual rooms. Continue reading →

Biometric Cards: Another Milestone In Airport Security

biometric identification for airport security

Airports around the world are using biometric identification management technology to increase safety and security.

The following guest post comes from Air Charter Network Australia, who provides a superior level of privacy, safety, service and reliability for private air charter both domestically and internationally.

Those interested in chartering aircraft or airplane charter will be delighted to hear that the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority has announced that the dual biometric airport identification system in the world is now fully operational at 29 of the largest airports in Canada. The smart card authentication system, known as the Restricted Area Identity Card, has been issued to more than 90,000 workers at the airport who have access to restricted areas in the airport. The president and Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority  expressed pleasure at the exciting new biometric security solutions. “In partnership with Transport Canada and the airport authorities, we have created an innovative biometric program that leads the world in airport security for non-passengers,” he said in an interview. Continue reading →

Why Smart Home Technology Saves Money

voice biometrics for smart homes

Voice biometrics are playing an important role in the design and development of today’s smart homes.

This guest post is written by a writer of Urban Outsource Pty Ltd, an Australia’s leading marketplace for on-demand home services.

In today’s modern homes, voice recognition devices at home allow you to control electronics with the use of a tablet or other smart device. An app allows family members to fine-tune everything from any electronic device with an Internet connection. House cleaning is made easier with automatic vacuum cleaners like the ones professional cleaning services use. These smart systems allow you to control the thermostat, security systems, lights, appliances and even a home theater system.

How It Works

Smart home technology works by sending infrared messages to various electronics and works with voice recognition. Some electronic systems use speech recognition software to control computers, Wi-Fi networks and more. Manufacturers know that homeowners will purchase these systems because they are easy to use. Continue reading →

Biometrics and Automobiles: Looking to the Future

biometric identification management for automobiles

Could we soon see the use of biometric identification management more frequently in our vehicles?

The following guest post was submitted by Car Search Brokers, Australia’s leading automotive provider who always provides updates on new automotive technologies through their extensive knowledge of the motor industry.

Introducing New Technology

Automotive engineers have predicted that by 2022, people will drive cars equipped with powerful biometric capacities. The arrival of this trend within the next ten years promises to revolutionize aspects of daily life in the United States and other nations. How will this change impact your vehicle?
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Biometrics and Access Control on the Move: A New Era

biometrics for access control is evolving

New developments in biometric identification management technology now allow access control on the fly.

The following guest post was submitted by Sarah Smith on behalf of The Real Estate Academy of Australia. Sarah is a small business owner, and is currently learning about marketing and using the internet. Aside from working on her own business, she likes to use social media, and read travel books.

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