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M2SYS works closely with software integrators, resellers, and end users to enable them to capitalize on the benefits of fingerprint technology and to accelerate their return on investment.

Affiliated Acceptance Corporation FrontDesk Software System

The health club industry has been consistently growing in the recent years as Americans become more concerned with their health and physical fitness. This increase in health awareness can be beneficial for a health club owner. However, managing a successful and efficient health club can be a difficult task without the correct tools in place. Employee and member information, financial data, point of sale, personal training, and billing must all be managed properly for a health club to achieve success.

Since 1989, Affiliated Acceptance Corporation (AAC) has provided health clubs and fitness industry professionals with a complete customer management system. Their FrontDesk Software manages every aspect of a health club operation. Recently, their health club management software has been integrated with M2SYS' innovative Bio-Plugin™ fingerprint identification solution to provide their clients with an even more efficient and reliable management system.

Bio-Plugin™ enables software companies to quickly integrate a complete, seamless fingerprint reader system, including a high-performance 1:N identification engine. Bio-Plugin™ eliminates the system dependencies, extensive development, and specialized knowledge of biometric complexities inherent to fingerprint SDKs.

Employees and members can both be easily enrolled in the system. For initial enrollment, individuals simply must scan their fingerprint on the fingerprint reader three times consecutively. After the initial enrollment, the system will recognize individuals by just one fingerprint scan. M2SYS' unique biometric technology never saves a copy of the fingerprint image. Each fingerprint is saved as a mathematical series that can only be utilized within the M2SYS system. 

The FrontDesk system uses biometric identification to more reliably manage many aspects of a health club business. Employee time and attendance can be monitored to ultimately save money. Studies have shown that “buddy punching”, or the act of one employee inappropriately clocking in or out for another, can amount to up to 4% of a business' annual payroll expenses. With fingerprint identification, this unethical practice can be eliminated. Typical forms of identification can be compromised: employees can share their passwords and PIN numbers or trade their ID cards. Biometric identification is more secure due to the fact that each employee fingerprint is unique and can never be compromised. Health clubs save money by never having to pay these employees for time not actually worked.

Another important use of the biometric system is in member management. After members are initially enrolled, they can easily check in through a simple fingerprint scan. This eliminates the need for passwords that can potentially be forgotten or burdensome ID cards that must be carried throughout the workout. Members can also easily sign up for personal training sessions by scanning their fingerprint. 
Health clubs can also enjoy the increased revenues that the biometric security provides. Members can deposit money into their account for point of sale purchases, such as food, beverage or retail items. Because the traditional forms of identification can be compromised or lost so easily, members are often wary of depositing money into their accounts. However, because biometric recognition is a secure method and each fingerprint is unique and can never be lost or stolen, members feel comfortable depositing greater amounts of money into their accounts. This increases a club's overall revenues.

Health clubs across the country are now enjoying the peace of mind and increased revenues that AAC's FrontDesk health club management software integrated with M2SYS' revolutionary biometric fingerprint technology provides.


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“Delivering more than just technology, M2SYS is renowned for its outstanding customer support. Each client receives the services of a dedicated M2SYS engineer throughout the entire integration process, providing support as required. The company utilizes a preemptive approach toward technical support by periodically contacting the integrators to obtain feedback, ideas, and suggestions on the system, and to address issues before they become escalated.”

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