Fingerprint Readers For Any Need

A vareity of Fingerprint Scanners and Finger Vein Technology for Varying Industry Conditions


Fingerprint Hardware

A wealth of experience across many real-world implementations has led us to extensively test and support multiple fingerprint readers, ensuring that you have the right options for success.

As a leading biometric technology firm, M2SYS has tested dozens of fingerprint scanners and continues to evaluate new types of fingerprint readers on an ongoing basis. This testing enables us to recommend the best overall choice for our customers given their unique needs.

Biometric Readers Overview



M2-EasyScan™ Affordable, long-lasting, low maintenance, optical fingerprint reader producing excellent quality images. Convenient Auto-On feature and non-membrane based surface. Perfect for implementations of all types.



The M2-FuseID™ fingerprint reader is ideal for the biometric data capture, identification, and verification of civil ID, patient identification, banking and other projects requiring the highest levels of security and accuracy.



M2-S™ Mountable, ergonomic optical fingerprint reader using the Digital Persona U.are.U 4000B sensor. Ideal for use in high-throughput fingerprint scanning environments where consistency in producing excellent quality images for accurate 1:N identification is critical.


M2-TenPrint™ fingerprint Live Scanner

The M2-TenPrint™ fingerprint Live Scanner is a specialized device with an advanced optical system that can capture a high quality 4 finger FBI EBTS Appendix F certification image in less than 1.0 sec.


M2-TwoPrint™ dual fingerprint reader

The M2-TwoPrint™ dual fingerprint reader is a durable, sturdy fingerprint scanner built with a large scanning area specifically designed to quickly capture high quality images.


The M2-PalmVein™ palm vein scanner from M2SYS uses a near-infrared light to create a “vein map” of the users palm to perform highly accurate and secure biometric recognition.


M2-FV™ Finger Vein Reader
Finger Vein Authentication has several important features that set it apart from other forms of biometrics as a highly secure and convenient means of personal authentication by capturing images of the vein patterns inside your finger.



M2-AutoTilt™ contactless digital iris camera helps to ensure high quality images for superior biometric matching templates while maintaining a hygienic environment.


Cross Match I SCAN 2 Iris Camera

A durable and compact dual iris capture scanner, I Scan 2 is an integral part of any comprehensive identity management program. This iris camera is one of the most advanced and easy-to-use iris capture solutions on the market.
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